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The Haim Sisters Are Banquet Hall Socialites in Paul Thomas Anderson-Directed ‘Lost Track’ Video

The single was inspired by a year-old lyric and time spent on the set of a recent magazine shoot with the Licorice Pizza director

Haim settle for cutting their losses on their new single “Lost Track.” The song builds around the lyric “I’ll never get back what I lost track of,” written a year ago but turned into a complete song after inspiration struck on the set of a recent W Magazine cover shoot starring Alana Haim with Licorice Pizza director Paul Thomas Anderson.

“We had that line written for the last year but could never figure out what to do with it. We kept writing it down, not knowing where it should live. Cut to PTA shooting the director’s cut issue for W mag with our baby sister on the cover! An opportunity arose to do a quick music component while shooting the story. Paul mentioned having the book Appointment in Samarra [by John O’Hara] as a possible direction,” the Haim sisters wrote in a lengthy Instagram post.

In a throwback music video directed by PTA and filmed during the shoot, the Haim sisters become banquet hall socialites locked in monotonous routines, with one freely unhinged character among them.

“So we did some digging around the book and were inspired by the scene where the main character throws a drink in someone’s face at a country club. We were inspired by the idea of someone doing something so drastic to get out of a situation they felt uncomfortable in — just to feel something,” they continued. “We finally remembered that lyric and wrote and recorded the song and shot the whole thing in a few days! Anyway, felt fun to do something very collaborative/off the cuff.”

“Lost Track” marks the first Haim release of the year, following the soundtrack cut “Cherry Flavored Stomach Ache” from The Last Letter From Your Lover, shared last July.

“Having a friendship with three musicians and a collaboration that doesn’t have distinct walls is very nice,” Anderson previously told Rolling Stone. Haim and PTA formed a collaborative partnership years ago, which has since resulted in his directing six of their music videos, their 2017 documentary Valentine, and shooting the cover photo of their 2020 Women in Music Pt. III album. He adds: “It’s so exciting to watch them play. They’re so accomplished.”

From Rolling Stone US