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The Lexus Encore Sessions saw a series of intimate performances by Josh Teskey held across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth

There’s nothing better than good food and good music, and Lexus Encore’s latest series of lavish events that intertwined soul food and intimate tunes from Josh Teskey was proof that there’s no better time to get out and enjoy the finer things in life.

The Lexus Encore Sessions saw a series of intimate events held across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth in September at esteemed locations such as Sydney’s popular haunt Jolene’s, Melbourne’s American Style BBQ restaurant Bluebonnet, and The Tailor’s in Brisbane.

Each location was meticulously chosen for its elite quality food and its deep connection to the flavours of the south, with the carefully curated four-course menu served at each Lexus Encore Session being inspired by the history of the blues, which made the dining event an experience in itself.

After starting with deliciously fresh Oysters with mezcal mignonette, guests were then served an array of southern dishes that were also perfectly paired with a curated selection of bourbons from America’s South. 

Image: Tom Healy

Among some of the evening’s mouthwatering American dishes included smoked buttermilk fried quail with comeback sauce, chilli glazed pork ribs, free range barley fed smoked beef rib, house-made cured meats, collard greens and miso glazed Brussels sprout. 

The money-can’t-buy experiences culminated in a mesmerising acoustic performance by Josh Teskey, best known as the frontman of The Teskey brothers and one of music’s most respected vocalists, who was also accompanied by pianist and former Saskwatch member Olaf Scott. 

The intimate, Speakeasy-esque space most unquestionably enhanced the experience of listening to the Victorian blues and roots musician’s emotive acoustic performance, which featured some of his biggest hits, as well as the blues tracks that inspired them, including those by legendary artists such Ray Charles and Muddy Waters. 

Image: Callum Smilie

In what almost felt like a spiritual experience, guests in the softly-lit space seemed so captivated by Teskey’s evocative vocals that you could hear a pin drop throughout the entirety of his set, which was peppered with delightful stories and interesting anecdotes.

One intriguing tidbit Teskey divulged to the crowd between songs was a story about when he and his brother and bandmate Sam Teskey released their famous 2018 track “Together You And Me”.

Apparently, following the track’s epic success, the pair were approached out of the blue by a paint company asking to buy the rights to the track for a commercial about watching paint dry. 

Image: Keiran Tunbridge

Despite being initially (and understandably) offended, the advertising agency went on to explain that the ad was about painting houses with paint that lasts forever.

“When we saw [the ad]we were like, actually, that’s fantastic,” Teskey laughed, adding that he’s still approached by fans who know him for his “song on the paint ad”.

In what was certainly the cherry on top of a fabulous evening at the Melbourne event at Bluebonnet Barbecue, attendees were thrilled when Sam Teskey popped in for a surprise appearance and performed an epic set with his bandmate and brother.

Image: Callum Smilie

In vast contrast to watching an artist perform in a concert setting, the Lexus Encore Sessions allowed guests to truly get up close and personal during the performances, with Josh casually having a chat with guests after the show, which truly made for an unforgettable experience. 

Speaking to Rolling Stone ahead of the Lexus Encore Sessions, Teskey explained that he hoped to “bring that blues-inspired vibe” to every Lexus Encore Session.

“I’m a really keen harmonica player, so I’m trying to bring that real sort of Delta blues sound to the night.”

Speaking of his accompanist, pianist and former Saskwatch member Olaf Scott, he added, “He’s just a legend and such a beautiful player.

Image: Tom Healy

“He’s got that honky tonk kind of sound that he can do.”

If you don’t want to miss out on future feats of fine dining and fantastic tunes, join Lexus Encore, the luxury vehicle maker’s owner benefits program which provides members with priority service, as well as access to exclusive lifestyle events. 

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