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‘INTROS’ Episode Seven: Georgia Lines Meets Alayna

Hosted on Rolling Stone AU/NZ for the first time, ‘INTROS’ sees Georgia Lines sitting down with her favourite female and non-binary artists for a relaxed kōrero



Georgia Lines’ popular music web series, INTROS, is being hosted on Rolling Stone AU/NZ for the first time this year.

The new series of INTROS features Lines sitting down with her favourite female and non-binary artists for a relaxed kōrero. Each episode focuses on the artist’s chosen song, delving into the story behind the song and the process of writing, before the artist will treat viewers to a live performance.

In the seventh episode of season three, Lines interviews Alayna, who will already be very familiar to Rolling Stone AU/NZ readers.

One of the first artists to feature in our regular Up-And-Coming Aotearoa Artists series, Alayna enjoyed an impressive 2023, unveiling her positively received debut album, Self Portrait of a Woman Unravelling. Showcasing a sound that traverses pure pop, intimate R&B, and even folk, the 14-track collection charted the singer-songwriter’s attempts to understand herself as both a creative and a person.

“I’ve had this album concept in my head for over five years and knew that it needed to be written, it was only about when it felt it was the right time,” the singer-songwriter said at the time. “I knew that diving into exploring this subject would be confronting, but what I wasn’t prepared for was that the more that I leaned into myself, the more the woman I was so desperately wanting to get a grasp of would unravel further.

“This album documents my process of leaning in, the subsequent unravelling that happened, and all the questions and answers that I experienced along the way.”

Last year also saw Alayna perform a beautiful In My Room session for Rolling Stone AU/NZ, singing three tracks from Self Portrait of a Woman Unravelling.

In episode seven of the new season of INTROS, which you can watch above, Lines and Alayna explore life and music in a thoughtful conversation. The latter also performs a stunning song for the host and her viewers.

Lines, meanwhile, recently released her tender new ballad, “Grow Old Without You”, which you can listen to here.

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