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‘INTROS’ Episode One: Georgia Lines Meets Ny Oh

Hosted on Rolling Stone AU/NZ for the first time, ‘INTROS’ sees Georgia Lines sitting down with her favourite female and non-binary artists for a relaxed kōrero

Georgia Lines’ popular music web series, INTROS, will be hosted on Rolling Stone AU/NZ for the first time this year.

The new series of INTROS will feature Lines sitting down with her favourite female and non-binary artists for a relaxed kōrero. Each episode focuses on the artist’s chosen song, delving into the story behind the song and the process of writing, before the artist will treat viewers to a live performance.

First up is Worcestershire-born, Aotearoa raised, LA-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ny Oh, an artist who works at the root of feeling, consciousness, and spirit. 

Ny Oh’s timeless style recalls Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, and Paul Simon, and her captivating vocals have found fans in the likes of Jonathan Wilson, Sam Garrett, and many dedicated fans across the globe. Her versatility has seen her memorably join Harry Styles on his tour, front the jazz-psychedelic band Neon Gru, all while releasing her own beautiful folk-jazz solo songs.

Ny Oh released her well-received EP, Ny Oh’s Garden of Eden, in 2022, which will be followed by her highly anticipated debut album next year. Fans can expect the musician’s debut record to explore growth, un-learning, re-learning, and what Ny Oh feels is the “best way to live for each other, ourselves, and the land.”

In episode one of the new season of INTROS, which you can watch above, Lines and Ny Oh explore life and music in a thoughtful conversation. Ny Oh also performs her latest single, the stunning “You Are”, for the host and her viewers (watch below).

“What a way to kick off the season!” Lines, who released her new single “The Letter” last week, says. “Ny Oh is one of the most captivating performers and songwriters I know, and has such an incredible ability to draw you into a pretty special space from the moment she opens her mouth to sing.”