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Pond Take an Exhilarating Step Into Experimentation and Destruction with ‘9’

Trading polished psych pop for expansive jams, 9 was edited from long spells of improvisation from WA’s beloved Pond.


The modus operandi for Pond’s new record, 9, was to embrace experimentation and destruction in equal measure. Trading polished psych pop for expansive jams, the album was edited from long spells of improvisation. 

The results, at points, are captivating. The record swirls through nine tracks of woozy, psych-laced arrangements that flirt with trip hop, krautrock, and new wave—all delivered through the band’s singular lens. 

Auditory surprises are welcome. Strings blossom from the blue; a squelchy acid house bassline appears as if from nowhere. Album highlight “America’s Cup” offers a welcome nod to “Fame”-era Bowie, while freaked-out guitar feedback and cosmic Moog synths are peppered throughout. 

At 9’s best, it’s an exhilarating ride through multiple ideas all being born at once. While it will never be Pond’s most focused record, it’s arguably more interesting to hear the band push forward into new territory than rehash well-trodden ideas.

Pond’s 9 is out now.

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