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Georgia Lines Gets Raw and Delicate on Debut Album ‘The Rose of Jericho’

Piano-driven R&B and indie-pop from the talented Aotearoa singer-songwriter

Georgia Lines


Georgia Lines’ debut record sounds so raw and delicate that you immediately feel the heartache which had to be overcome to make it.

With songs about the dichotomy of a life well lived (“Grand Illusion”), mourning what could have been (“Not by Your Side” ft. Teeks), and all the wished-for-words left unsaid (“The Letter”), it’s any wonder she is one of the most exciting songwriters to come out of Aotearoa in recent memory.

Make no mistake, the record leans into piano-driven R&B and indie-pop, but with so much imagery and truth in each song, it sits in a room of its own. The Rose of Jericho captures the internal struggle we all feel at some point — that’s the magic of Georgia Lines.

Stream: Georgia Lines, The Rose of Jericho

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