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Architects Offer Metalcore Perfection with ‘For Those that Wish to Exist’

With their ninth album released today, Architects have kicked it up another notch to deliver one of the finest entry in their stellar discography.

Following a record sparked by the kind of heartbreak you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, the melodic metal giants are still grieving the loss of their brother, bandmate, and best friend Tom Searle; only this time they’re challenging the establishment.

On the British band’s ninth album, Architects are disgusted by the human race, but it’s the emotional rallying cries throughout that offer optimism. Musically, “Impermanence” (featuring Australia’s Winston McCall of Parkway Drive), “You Dream Of Armageddon?” and lead single “Animals” could be the holy trinity of metalcore perfection.

Architects’ For Those that Wish to Exist is out now.

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