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‘Mulan’ Reboot Will Premiere on Disney Plus in September for $30

Film will skip theatrical premiere due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Disney's MULAN..Mulan (Yifei Liu)

Jasin Boland/© 2019 Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Coronavirus may have stopped Disney’s live-action Mulan reboot from premiering in theaters, but the company is hell-bent on giving it a 2020 release date – even if it has to go straight to streaming. On Tuesday, Disney announced that Mulan would be made available on the Disney Plus streaming platform beginning September 4th, provided that subscribers shell out an extra $29.99 to view the film.

The news was first revealed in a Disney earnings call with analysts today, where Disney CEO Bob Chapek outlined the new plan for Mulan‘s release. “We thought it was important to find alternative ways to bring [Mulan] in a timely manner,” he stated. In countries where Disney Plus is not yet available, Mulan will be released in theaters on the same day, Chapek continued.

Disney had previously announced that it would be delaying Mulan‘s release date indefinitely due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, after several postponed release dates. (The film was originally scheduled to open in theaters on March 27th.) Its trajectory follows a similar move by Warner Bros. to release Christopher Nolan’s Tenet through a stagnated schedule, where the film will premiere internationally on August 26th before opening in North America over Labor Day weekend.

Two of Disney’s other upcoming blockbuster films, The New Mutants and Black Widow, remain with their respective release dates of August 28th and November 6th.

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