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Tertiary education vs twenty-twenty: how Western Sydney University has adapted to help its current and future students

Tertiary education vs twenty-twenty: how Western Sydney University has adapted to help its current and future students

2020. What a year. For many of us, the vibe of “put the tree up and call it a year” is very much front and centre. You don’t need me to tell you what a rollercoaster these past 12 months has been but suffice to say, it’s all change round here.

Given that everything has had a serious shake up, now may actually be the best time to give your self a bit of a shake up too. Nothing seems certain any longer except your own goals and desires so why not take the opportunity to start chasing them?

That is, of course, easier said than done. You might be at point A eyeing up point B and deciding that looks pretty attractive but the path between those two is never straight.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Western Sydney University to try and alleviate some of that confusion and concern and bring a little clarity to the dream-realisation process. COVID sent us all to our rooms to think about what we’ve done and many people have emerged from that realising that they don’t want to be doing what they’re currently doing.

We caught up with the University situated at the heart of Greater Sydney to discuss with them the kinds of courses people are now taking and how easy it is to make mid-career shifts at their world-class institution.

Health Courses Dominate

In spite of the changes this year, more and more of us are planning to head to higher education to get training in the jobs of the future. Across New South Wales, the Universities Admission Centre has reported strong applications for study in 2021 and said that health is once again the most popular area of study. A reaction to the health crisis this year? Perhaps, as the pandemic has highlighted just how essential health workers and researchers are to our society. We don’t applaud them for nothing.

Western has also had strong applications across all areas of study this year but psychology, law, and engineering have seen an increase in popularity over all.

Applications are also strong across those still in high school and mature aged students looking to either start a new career or upskill in their chosen field.

Watch Western’s video ‘Discover Your Unlimited Potential at Western’

Adapt and Learn

The pandemic has seen an increase in people looking for course options that are flexible to meet the needs of wanting to study at home. We’ve all had to learn to cope with these new realities and people are realising that flexible work and study can bring huge benefits. To fit this, Western offers short courses that can be completed in 6-12 months and flexible learning options that are perfect for that mid-career pivot or boost.

They also offer a range of graduate certificate and diploma options from disciplines in education, interpreting and translation, mental health, and many more, with the option to use prior study or work experience to gain a formal qualification.

Learn from the Best

In the midst of the pandemic, Western has rapidly responded to the ongoing changes. Remote classes, bringing lecturers and students together online, were quickly established to minimise disruption and ensure students could continue their learning. They also set up a dedicated coronavirus advice line for affected students looking for advice and clarity during the chaos.

They care deeply about the welfare of their students and have set up a number of measures to assist those facing hardship during times of crisis. Western has supported more than 2,000 students with their Student Assistance Fund, with more than $2.6 million provided in emergency funds, grocery vouchers, and other support.

That’s not even to mention the broad range of wellbeing, disability, and counselling services that the uni provides.

Now’s the Time

2020 is the year of change and following up on that by going with the flow and adapting to the fluctuations all around us is the best way you can manage that uncertainty. Lean into the chaos, go for that dream job, and know that you’ll be doing it at an institution best suited for fresh starts and new beginnings.

Find out how you can future-proof your career at Western.

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