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The Superpower Millions of Aussies Don’t Know They Have

1 in 3 Aussies will need a blood donation in their lifetime. When was the last time you donated?

In Partnership with Australian Red Cross Lifeblood

Imagine, for a second, that you have a superpower. One that could literally help save people’s lives, and all it took was a few minutes of your time and a juice box.

Well, over half of the Aussie population has this power: it’s called blood donation. But only a fraction of us are actually using it. 

According to Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, the gap between those who need blood and those who donate is strikingly wide. Why? Because many of us simply don’t realise that we qualify. So, let’s clear the air with some facts, because knowledge is power, and in this case, the power to save lives. 

The current stats on blood donation.

  • Every 18 seconds, someone in Australia needs a blood donation. Yes, that’s about 200 every hour. Yet despite this staggering demand, only 3% of eligible Aussies actually roll up their sleeves to give.
  • 1 in 3 people will need a blood donation in their lifetime. Next time you’re at brunch with a couple of your best mates, think about this stat. 33% of us will likely need blood or blood products in our lifetime, making the need a lot closer to home than you think.
  • 33,000 donations are needed every week. And here’s the good news – one blood donation can save up to three lives. Despite this high demand and the positive impact donating can have, many of us still haven’t taken that first step.
  • 57% of Australians are eligible to give blood. The truth is most of us are eligible to donate, even if you’ve travelled overseas or have tattoos. If you’re not sure, it’s quick and simple to check your eligibility on the Lifeblood website.

How can you give blood?  

The entire donation process is quick and simple. From the moment you enter a Lifeblood donor centre, to the time you are enjoying your post-donation snack, it’s usually about an hour. In the time it takes to watch an episode of your favourite TV show, you could be saving lives. 

Not sure if you’re eligible? The process to find out and sign up is also straightforward to do online at lifeblood.com.au/faq/eligibility

Plus, things like tattoos, piercings, smoking, living in the UK and travelling to some destinations are no longer common barriers. The rules are constantly being reviewed and updated, so if you think you might not be allowed to donate blood, make sure to double check, because chances are you probably can. 

The staff at Lifeblood donor centres are eager to welcome new donors. In fact, they need a new donor every four minutes to keep up with the demand. This is largely because red blood cells, once donated, only last 42 days, and the need for fresh supplies is constant.

Let this be your sign to get involved. Roll up your sleeve, donate blood and see the incredible impact you can have. 

Become a donor today. Find out if you’re eligible at lifeblood.com.au/faq/eligibility 

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