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Espolòn Tequila Offers Cultural Curiosity and Adventure With House of Ramon Event at The Attic

The activation is inspired by the brand’s signature motif Ramon the Rooster which introduces the brand’s rich heritage

Mexico-based spirit brand Espolòn Tequila has partnered with popular nightlife venue The Attic to host House of Ramon. The spirit brand has converted the popular Melbourne cocktail bar to honour its Mexican roots, paying homage to the brand’s signature motif Ramon the Rooster, the culturally bold spur that inspired the brand’s name. Featuring an array of live vinyl DJs, musicians, and culturally aligned food and drinks akin to Espolòn’s heritage, this activation brings the brand’s bold and adventurous spirit to the land down under.

Credit: @patstevenson

Espolòn Tequila has achieved global recognition for curating a wide range of events that exemplify the spirit brand’s core ethos of spurring forward in every aspect of life. The House of Ramon event gained inspiration from the spirit brand’s iconic motif Ramon the Rooster, who was selected by founder Cirilo Oropeza, giving the brand its name. Featuring an art installation, a wide range of live vinyl DJs, musical artists, along with food and drink options rooted in Espolòn’s colourful Mexican culture, The House of Ramon is an activation that brings to life the brand’s core qualities fostered by its founder.

Credit: @patstevenson

Master distiller and founder of Espolòn Tequila Cirilo Oropeza was passionate about crafting a tequila that masterfully brought out the prime qualities of agave. In 1996, Oropeza founded Espolòn Tequila. He spent more than a decade practicing the perfect production process for the recipe. By building the distillery in Los Altos, Mexico, Oropeza kept longstanding Mexican tequila brewing traditions prominent in the production process while intertwining his own unique and forward-thinking ideas. He wanted the brand to embody the land and vibrant Mexican culture of camaraderie, music, and rebellion that it carries to this day. Oropeza’s undying passion in making the best tequila, while staying true to his foundational roots, is what allowed for the brand to garner a global reputation.

Credit: @patstevenson

The Attic is a cultural mainstay in Melbourne’s bustling nightlife scene. The venue is situated on top of the popular Black Pearl bar in Fitzroy. The Attic has a sophisticated design with a mixture of mid-century modern furniture along with minimalistic concrete walls. It adds to the array of uniqueness among the venues in the area, providing an elevated late-night experience. Espolòn Tequila and The Attic both encourage individuality and self-expression, making the Attic the ideal hosting venue for the House of Ramon.

Espolòn Tequila’s House of Ramon is running at The Attic every Friday until December 8th. For more details follow @espolontequilaau.

The Attic 
304 Brunswick St,
Fitzroy VIC

DISCLAIMER: We discourage irresponsible and/or underage drinking. Drink responsibly and legally.

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