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Below is Part Two of our multi-part series on Australian cults, a look into the grim, bad, and ugly utopian communities which decorate Australia's history. Next up is Divine Truth, lead by "Jesus reincarnated" AJ Miller.

Divine Truth

Self-proclaimed “Jesus”, Alan John Miller has been accused of destroying marriages, emotionally abusing his followers, and convincing them to pay for his lifestyle, including international flights, accommodation, his recording equipment, and a $400,000 house where he delivers his ‘seminars’.

During one such seminar he wrote, ‘I’m Jesus deal with it’ on a whiteboard.

Miller is infamous for his filmed seminars, which often involve counselling sessions and healing, where his followers’ issues are often blamed on their parents. These seminars, created for his active organisations the Divine Truth and God’s Way Ltd, are posted to YouTube and recorded to DVD, which he distributes for free.

Miller’s parents are both members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses church and were said to have been accepting when at 40-years-old, he told them he had been born twice. Once on March 10, 1963, in Loxton, South Australia, and another time, in Bethlehem, about 2,000 years ago.

Miller has worn many hats. He was once married with two sons, working as a property manager and then as an IT Specialist. That marriage ended when he allegedly had an affair. He’s also been a pastor, but fell out with the church over an apparent incident with a sex worker. But now, living in central Queensland’s ‘Bible Belt’ in the Wilkesdale region, he has approximately 30 followers, who he calls his disciples.

Among them is the Chosen 13, his apostles, who he claims were there at the time of his death on the cross. Some even claim they remember him. Among his devout followers is his current wife, Mary Luck.

15 years his junior, Mary believes that she is in fact, Mary Magdalene reincarnated. This isn’t the first time he’s told a woman she is the favoured disciple most commonly portrayed as a harlot; he reportedly told another girlfriend the same story years prior.

AJ Miller and Mary Luck presenting a Divine Truth seminar in 2013. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Mary Luck however, claims she remembers marrying Jesus in the first century and even remembers watching Jesus dying on the cross. 

“I remember him – similar to how he is now – a very humble man, a very kind man, who gave a lot to others,” Mary told

Writing on her active personal blog in November 2019, Mary said that while she and Miller had been “quiet on the internet” for over 12 months, they’d “actually had a big year”.Mary wrote about all the myriad video editing tasks they had.

“To continue to sit and edit at this pace each day, knowing just how much there still remains to do, requires extreme humility,” she wrote. “Jesus never fails to blow me away.”

The last video on the official Divine Truth YouTube page was published in December 2019. It depicts Miller talking with Mary for over an hour. Mary has her eyes closed because she has ‘channelled’ famed British psychic Gladys Leonard, who died in 1968. She tells Miller (using Mary’s physical form of course) that she is “the fifth sphere”




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