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Jon Stewart’s Got All Sorts of ‘Problems’ in Teaser for New Apple TV+ Show

Former Daily Show host makes his return to television on September 30th

Jon Stewart is back with his new beard and all sorts of issues in the first teaser for his upcoming show, The Problem With Jon Stewart, premiering September 30th on Apple TV+.

The 30-second clip opens with Stewart quipping, “I’ve been away from television for some time — this is what I look like now.” Without getting too into the weeds, the rest of the teaser offers a glimpse at some of the topics Stewart will tackle on his show, including income inequality, the lack of support for the working class, and the fight for comprehensive veteran care, and more.

Accompanying the launch of The Problem will be a companion podcast with additional interviews, news-of-the-day analysis, and — of course — jokes. New episodes will be released every week alongside the Apple+ episodes.

The Problem marks Stewart’s first television endeavor since leaving The Daily Show in 2015. In the interim, he’s occasionally made appearances on The Late Show with former colleague Stephen Colbert, as well as Trevor Noah’s Daily Show. Last year, Stewart wrote and directed the political satire, Irresistible. 

From Rolling Stone US