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Fred Armisen, John C. Reilly, Tim Heidecker Star as Goofy Astronauts in ‘Moonbase 8’ Trailer

New series kicks off on Showtime this November

Fred Armisen, John C. Reilly and Tim Heidecker star as three eager astronauts in the trailer for Moonbase 8, premiering November 8th on Showtime.

The clip opens with the trio in an isolated desert in Winslow, Arizona, at NASA’s Moon Base Simulator. “I’ve just got a lot on the line here,” Cap (Reilly) says. “I screwed up my whole life, that’s why I need to get to the moon. I go up to the moon, I’m a hero.”

The trio trains extensively to qualify for their first lunar mission, despite the fact that they seem incredibly incompetent. If they get there, Skip (Armisen) will strive to carry out the legacy of his astronaut father, while Rook (Heidecker) plans to spread the word of Jesus Christ. “That’s why I love you guys,” Cap tells them. We’re dedicated to a mission beyond our ability, but we’re gonna try, anyway!”

The series is directed by Jonathan Krisel, known for Baskets and his work with Tim & Eric. It was created, written and executive produced by Krisel, Armisen, Heidecker and Reilly.

Armisen recently voiced a charcter on the AppleTV+ animated series Central Park. Last spring, he performed on a Light In the Attic charity livestream alongside Ben Gibbard and Jim James. Later this month, Heidecker will release his new album Fear of Death, which features Weyes Blood, the Lemon Twigs’ Brian and Michael D’Addario, and more.

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