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Bernie Sanders and More Politicians Read Mean Tweets on ‘Kimmel’

Elizabeth Warren, Ted Cruz, Pete Buttigieg, and more read aloud jabs directed at them on Twitter

As a brief distraction from the nail-biting presidential election we’re in the middle of, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Ted Cruz, and more politicians appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in a political edition of the show’s regular segment, Mean Tweets.

Like other installments of the segment, the guests read aloud various mean statements that had been directed toward them on Twitter, whether insulting their appearance, making fun of their demeanor or — in former Ohio governor John Kasich’s case — threatening to throw “collected, stored, warmed up cat piss” into their face. (Kasich’s response: “You’re kind of sick, aren’t you?”)

While some of the politicians took the jabs better than others, they all stayed on-brand in their responses. “‘Bernie Sanders seems like the type of guy who would return a single piece of fruit to Walmart and hold up the line for an hour,’” the senator from Vermont read, before turning to the camera and saying, “Well, not quite, but I do hope that the workers of Walmart can eventually earn a living wage with decent benefits.” A few of them simply let the tweet speak for itself, like Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who read, “‘Mayor Pete looks like Howdy Doody if Howdy Doody was a fuckin narc.’”

From Rolling Stone US