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‘Too Long; Didn’t Watch’: Sepinwall Podcast Debuts With Back-to-Back Episodes

In a special two-show premiere, the new ‘Rolling Stone’/OBB Sound podcast ‘Too Long; Didn’t Watch’ tackles ‘Gossip Girl’ with Jon Hamm and ‘Game of Thrones’ with Alison Brie

Rolling Stone

Welcome to the premiere of Too Long; Didn’t Watch, a new podcast produced by Rolling Stone and OBB Sound, presented by Google Assistant, and hosted by yours truly. In each episode, we attempt a new method of scaling Peak TV, by pairing a celebrity guest with a series they’ve never seen and showing them only the very first and very last episodes, to see if they can figure out what in the world happened in between.

For our very special podcast premiere, we’re gifting you with a pair of episodes: one in which Alison Brie and I watch Game of Thrones in this ridiculous way, the other in which Jon Hamm and I do the same with Gossip Girl. Coincidentally, both episodes feature Mad Men alums (who, you will hear, share a similar taste in recent TV). And both of the shows they watched are adaptations of long-running book series that wound up writing their own extremely divisive endings, albeit for different reasons. (Thrones outpaced George R.R. Martin’s ability to write the final A Song of Ice and Fire novels, while Gossip Girl decided that it had to actually identify its title character, which author Cecily von Ziegesar — perhaps wisely — never did.)

These are fun conversations with two people who have done a lot of TV and, just as important, watch a lot of TV. (Hamm practically has honorary membership in the Television Critics Association at this point.) Both episodes will of course have spoilers galore, but they’re also designed to be friendly for people who never watched either show. It will all make sense as you listen.

You can subscribe now to Too Long; Didn’t Watch wherever you get your podcasts, including Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Acast, Google, TuneIn, and Pocketcasts. If you like what we’re doing, please rate and review us on the platform of your choice. You can also stream our first two episodes right here:

I’ll be back next week with another special guest, to talk about Veronica Mars.

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