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How GIGABYTE is getting involved in the electronic music scene

Computer hardware manufacturer GIGABYTE is showing its support for the electronic music scene having collaborated with Physical Radio and EDDISON


GIGABYTE might not be a name synonymous with music, but for those not deeply plugged into the tech scene, the company is one of the best in the business – producing a range of laptops, monitors and computer components. However, in an interesting development these two worlds appear to be colliding with GIGABYTE announcing its collaboration with Physical Radio and EDDISON. 

For fans of electronic music, both names should be instantly familiar. That’s because the former just so happens to be Australia’s No.1 radio station for electronic music, while the latter is a globally acclaimed DJ, producer and label/radio station boss. In fact, EDDISON has played on such famous stages as the Cannes Film Festival on the French Riviera and the Pacha in Ibiza. The pairing is designed to allow both Physical Radio and EDDISON to continue their creative endeavours by making the most of GIGABYTE’s latest gear. 

To help EDDISON in the studio, for example, GIGABYTE has provided the star with a new custom computer built by one of the company’s local case modding partners, SimpleModz. For a proper deep-dive of the system you can check out the video below, which details the entire construction of the machine, but the main star of the show is the Z690 AORUS PRO DDR4 motherboard.

GIGABYTE is touting the board as the “new king of gaming”, and it’s not hard to see why. Capable of running the latest 12th Gen Intel Core processors, the Z690 is an absolute powerhouse. Helping everything run buttery smooth is a fresh VRM (that’s voltage regulator module) power design that simply put, should keep everything from overheating under heavy loads. According to GIGABYTE, the guarantee of a temperature under 65°C is the perfect condition for content creation. 

“This custom system is what every music producer would dream of,” praises EDDISON when asked about how the new setup has impacted his own content creation. “It gives me the confidence of working with something powerful that can achieve anything. Using a lot of plugins, external instruments and hardware is not a struggle anymore. Everything works smoothly and for me this is a game changer.”

For EDDISON, the big goal is to harness his new tools to create fresh tracks, and it appears they are already bearing fruit. Rewind is EDDISON’s first piece of music using the new technology, and it’s said to be his most personal track so far, smartly blurring the lines between multiple genres.  

Part pop, part rock, Rewind offers plenty of rock guitar riffs, a ByDisco bassline and is backed up with the lyrical talents of Someone. It’s a testament to what is possible with a solid tech foundation behind you.

And speaking of the tech, EDDISON’s custom machine is also a collaboration with Cooler Master, housing the AORUS hardware inside a Cooler Master HAF500 case and featuring some of the brand’s cooling and power components as well. Local tech retailer Mwave helped recently show off the machine, which you can watch for yourself below:

In addition to the custom machine, GIGABYTE has also provided EDDISON with its new AERO 16 creator laptop. Primed to showcase a distinct balance between the heavy-duty setup and a system that’s all about portability, the laptop also makes use of Intel’s 12th Gen processors. 

For a music producer, the name of the game is work area, and that’s why the AERO 16’s 16:10 aspect ratio makes the most of its 4K+ display, with a resolution of 3840×2400 and a stunning Samsung AMOLED panel. What that equates to is a beautiful picture for crafting upcoming tracks on the go, while also being perfect for the odd gaming break. That’s in addition to the included NVIDIA GeForce Studio driver which helps enable better performance in video and audio editing apps that lead to faster renders and cleaner broadcasts for any potential live music streams. 

“The AERO 16 is amazing,” EDDISON confirms. “I really like it! It’s the perfect combination to work with the custom PC in the studio and the laptop on the road. It’s truly powerful and the screen is something else that I’ve never experienced before.”

To celebrate GIGABYTE’s partnership with Physical Radio and EDDISON, the trio have come together for the ‘Rewind’ remix competition. A golden opportunity for budding producers, the competition provides entrants with a number of stems from EDDISON’s own track Rewind, that are designed to be reworked and retooled into the best remix possible. 

It’s a rare opportunity for local talent to show off their own personal style and talent, and pick up a few major prizes to help fuel the dream. Chief among those is the GIGABYTE Aero 15 OLED Laptop, as well as a Cooler Master keyboard, mouse and headset – perfect for crafting future hits. Equally important is that the winning producer will have their remix released on Barbecue records, have a chance to get a future track released via the label and have one guest mix on Physical Radio. One runner up will also have their remix released, while a third winner will still walk away with a merch pack.

The competition (which is running until September 30) is an incredible opportunity to get exposure for new talent, and a huge stepping stone to entering the professional Australian music world. 

Needless to say, GIGABYTE’s entry into the electronic music might not have been expected, but it’s already making wonderfully influential waves, so it will be incredibly intriguing to see what’s next.

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