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Washington Returns with Impressive New Single, ‘Dark Parts’

“Dark Parts” serves as the latest taster of the forthcoming new album from Washington, which is set for release at the end of August.

Michelle Pitris/Supplied

It’s been a little while since we last received new music from the majestic Megan Washington, but now the critically-acclaimed artist is back with one of her most impressive releases to date, “Dark Parts”.

Though fans haven’t received a full length studio album from Washington since 2014’s There There, the beloved artist hasn’t exactly been taking it easy. However, time spent working with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra was just one of the reasons her next album has had to wait just a little bit.

Fans have also received new singles in this period of time as well, with the likes of “Saint Lo” and “Claws” proving that Washington is still the stunning artist her legions of followers have always known her as.

Now, she’s back with one of her most stunning releases to date, with “Dark Parts” pushing the limits of modern music, serving as a rare pop song delivered in ⅞ time.

A theoretically chaotic piece of music that manages to find a gorgeous clarity with its delivery, it thematically mixes indie-rock with synth-pop, offering up syncopated drum beats and sudden chord changes before the chorus.

“I’m here to have fun,” Washington says of the song. “Why not just record music you like with people you like?”

Working with Sam Dixon (Sia, Adele, Meg) and Konstantin Kersting (The Jungle Giants, Mallrat, Tones and I), “Dark Parts” was recorded in the same studio that the aforementioned Tones recorded “Dance Monkey” just one month earlier.

Another taster of Washington’s forthcoming record, which is set for release on August 28th, “Dark Parts” also comes accompanied by an immersive animated video, which featured hand-drawn frames made by Washington herself.

Featuring drawn depictions of the artist in question, the clip is a powerful contextualisation of the song, and proves that in addition to being one of the most constantly-impressive musicians in Australia, there’s truly nothing that Megan Washington can’t do.