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Melbourne’s Velvet Bloom Unveils Soulful New Single, ‘Run’

“I remember writing this track during the second COVID lockdown in 2020, restrictions were harsh and ‘Run’ was one of the first songs that I could fully resonate with after a creative lull,” recalls Velvet Bloom’s Maddy Herbert.

Anthony Rennick*

Melbourne’s Velvet Bloom (the project of neo-soul artist Maddy Herbert) has been winning over fans since unleashing her gorgeous debut single “You” back in 2018. Now, with new single “Run” arriving today, it’s clear that Velvet Bloom is quickly heading to the forefront of Melbourne’s thriving soul scene.

Officially released today, “Run” serves as the first taste of Velvet Bloom’s long-awaited debut EP, with Herbert’s intoxicating, captivating vocals leading the charge with lyrics that speak directly to the soul. Backed by talented musicians–including Alex Marko (Lead Guitar, synth & keys), Anthony Rennick (bass), Nic Morton (drums, percussion), with additional performances from Yara Alkurd and Quin Grunden–”Run” is a mesmerising piece of music that feels custom-made to cut as deep as from where the lyrics emerge.

Recounting the origins of the track, Herbert explains that the track had arrived amidst the second COVID lockdown of 2020, with “Run” feeling like the first track that could resonate with her following the creative lull that came with the events of the last 18 months.

“‘Run’ was woven into existence in the midst of Melbourne’s second 2020 lockdown,” she explains. “I had grown a deep attachment to the song from the very first time that I listened back to verse one seconds after writing it. This had probably been one of the most fluid writing processes that I’ve had.

“When it was time to bring ‘Run’ to the band, everything came together so naturally. The bones were there from the beginning and they were almost effortless to uncover.”

While details regarding Velvet Bloom’s forthcoming EP are yet to arrive, “Run” undoubtedly provides listeners with a powerful indication of what to expect from the upcoming body of work. Equal parts enthralling and enchanting, Velvet Bloom is undeniably on the cusp of big things in the near future.

Velvet Bloom’s “Run” is out now.