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triple j Are Set to Reveal Their Hottest 200 of the Decade Next Week

triple j’s retrospective countdown will kick off earlier than planned, with the Hottest 200 preceding their Hottest 100 of the Decade.

Promotional image for triple j's Hottest 200 of the Decade

triple j's Hottest 200 of the Decade will kick off next week.

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The excitement for triple j’s upcoming Hottest 100 of the Decade countdown is clearly rising, with the station today announcing their plans to reveal the tracks that didn’t quite make the cut.

Ever since the triple j Hottest 100 launched in its annual format back in 1993, listeners, voters, and casual fans have found themselves wondering about the songs that just missed out. While 2007 finally saw the station announce that Kate Nash’s “Foundations” scored the #101 position, the years since have seen the broadcaster reveal the full list of songs that placed between #101 and #200.

Since 2012 though, the Hottest 100 has been complemented by an additional day in which listeners can hear the full list of tracks that made up the “second 100”. Though their 20 year anniversary celebration in 2013 didn’t feature this supplementary countdown, much of the last decade has seen music-lovers provided with an extra day to listen to tunes and wonder about why the remainder of voters overlooked their favourite tunes.

Now, with triple j set to reveal their Hottest 100 of the Decade on March 14th, the station has now revealed it’s going to be a week-long celebration, with the countdown going from #200 all the way to #1 for the first time.

Kicking off on Tuesday, March 10th, the first batch of songs will be counted down in a manner similar to the station’s 2009 All Time poll, with ten songs being revealed from 10am and 3pm each day, before that number doubles on Friday the 13th.

Though voting is still open until next Monday, triple j have also revealed a few facts about what the retrospective poll is looking like.

So far, the countdown has received 1.1 million votes, with 54% of those votes coming from people aged 18-24, and 84% from those under 30. Meanwhile, a few songs that never featured in an annual poll are also on track to appear, while songs released earlier in the decade are reportedly doing better than their more recent musical colleagues.

Of course, those who have been following the predictions made by the Warm Tunas site would already have an idea of the last two facts, with last week’s results revealing that the top 14 tracks were from the earlier half of the decade.

Interestingly, one of the songs that Warm Tunas has slated to appear highly in the poll (currently at #50) may potentially be ineligible under the rules of the countdown. While the rules state that “an eligible song must have had its initial release (online or on-air) between 1 January 2010 and 31 December 2019”, the song in question received an initial release date in September of 2009, and had its triple j premiere on Richard Kingsmill’s 2009 program on August 23rd.

However, a secondary version of the song was released in November (and first played on triple j in April of 2010), and it was this one that went on to be released on the band’s album, as a single, and eventually placed in the Hottest 100 of 2010, reaching #3.

Whatever the case, all will be revealed throughout next week, and with votes coming in thick and fast, these results could change at any time, so be sure to have your say.

Hottest 200 countdown

Tuesday, March 10th, 10am: 200-191
Tuesday, March 10th, 3pm: 190-181
Wednesday, March 11th, 10am: 180-171
Wednesday, March 11th, 3pm: 170-161
Thursday March 12th, 10am: 160-151
Thursday March 12th, 3pm: 150-141
Friday, March 13th, 10am: 140 – 121
Friday, March 13th, 3pm: 120 – 101

Hottest 100 countdown

Saturday, March 14th, 12pm: 100 – 01