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Voting in This Year’s triple j Hottest 100 Is Coming Down to The Wire

As the final week of voting for this year’s Hottest 100 slowly comes to a close, triple j have revealed it’s getting rather tight at the top.

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There’s only a few days left to vote in this year’s Hottest 100, but as it comes to a close, triple j have revealed that your vote could make all the difference.

As the station explains, voting for this year’s Hottest 100 countdown is set to end on Monday, January 17th, but the top end of the poll is looking like a rather close race.

As they explain: “Already, the top five places are heating up…there are only five votes separating the #3 and #4 songs, while the songs placed #2 – #4 have all been reshuffled.”

Basically, this means that it’s coming down to the wire in the final days of the countdown, and with triple j noting that 58,000 listeners have started but not finished their voting process, it’s anyone’s guess how this could change in the coming days.

But what could this mean for the countdown though? Has there ever been such contention for positions?

Well, it’s worth noting that back in 2009, triple j’s Hottest 100 of All-Time countdown was the closest we’ve ever come to tied positions, with just one lone vote separating The Beatles’ “Hey Jude” (#44) and Queens of The Stone Age’s “No One Knows” (#45).

Early last year, triple j revealed that only 350 votes separated the top two tracks (which ended up being Glass Animals’ “Heat Waves” and Spacey Jane’s “Booster Seat”), but one, it was even closer.

Back in 2007, local rock icons Silverchair were robbed of what would be their final chance at Hottest 100 glory when Muse’s “Knights of Cydonia” pipped them at the post by a mere 13 votes. To make things worse, the track had actually been released back in 2006, meaning that by today’s stricter voting guidelines, it wouldn’t have been eligible to poll, thus giving Silverchair the elusive Hottest 100 glory they deserved.

Recently, the Warm Tunas website returned for its latest attempt at ‘spoiling’ the countdown, revealing that we could be on the cusp of some Hottest 100 history should the prediction that The Wiggles’ cover of Tame Impala’s “Elephant” may hit #1 prove to be true. It remains to be seen just how this will change within the coming week, but with the race heating up, it’s anyone’s guess.

Meanwhile, fans of triple j’s Hottest 100 can also take part in the new Hottest 100 Fantasy from don’t bore us, giving music-lovers a chance to win $1,000 if they can predict which songs will rank in this year’s countdown.

All entrants have to do is select up to ten songs and take a guess where they think the songs will place in this year’s countdown. If they get them correct, they’re be in the running to win $1,000. Second and third price will also take home cash prizes, with $300 and $100 up for grabs respectively.

For more information regarding the comp, head over to the Hottest 100 Fantasy section on the don’t bore us website.

triple j’s Hottest 100 is counted down on Saturday, January 22nd, with the Hottest 200 being revealed the previous day.