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Track By Track: Food Court ‘Big Weak’ EP

The Sydney band break down the tales behind their new 7-track EP.

The Sydney band break down the tales behind their new 7-track EP.

All words below by Cristian Campano.

14 Years Young
Aaaaaah, those sweet times on the Central Coast with the fam on holidays in the 90’s. The Entrance had a sweet carnival every year around christmas and there was this hot bird there every year that worked at the dodgem cars when i was around 12 years old. She was the ‘yellow ribbon girl’. “14 Years” actually fit better with the vocal melody though. Most of my vocal melodies seem to come to me when i’m in bed half asleep, usually i get myself up to record them but sometimes i fall back to sleep and the melodies are lost.

Red Wine Teething
This one was influenced by a fair bit of Wavves and Weezer on a endless hangover trip down to a villa in Tarifa, the southern most point of Spain. My mates we were mad about fishing and gin and tonic, and i awoke at 8am to one of the local ladies wearing my mates t-shirt and no underwear in the loungeroom. The bridgey part came later and i’m stoked it worked as it needed something minor-ish in the song. ‘Tell me i’m wrong, i’m wearing your clothes.’ Yep.

Every Day After
Lewey our bass player wrote the song idea a few years back. He just send me this spiel… ‘This song was heavily inspired by Camperdown locals, ‘The Balmerinos’, and their love of nineties, honest to goodness bowel rumbling nostalgic banjo string ripping riffs. Think Fugazi’s Waiting Room up to its apricot nuts in Green Day’s Longview and you’re probably on the right track and not even close buddy. But rather, bomb that bass and the bass in your face, Lindon!.’

This one had been around for awhile but we ended up choosing another song to record on our first EP so i’m glad we got to record it finally. We tried to work with the whole mellow/heavy vibe on this one. Lyrically i guess it’s a bit of an emotive one, i have anxiety issues at times like most of the world, probably due to my/our manic lifestyles. It’s basically a spiel about about the 4600 thoughts you have a day and what you should try and make sense of. Or not.

Niccy our drummer wrote this one and we developed it over time with long intros and outros. He said it’s a song about a friend who went out to seek some Datura but never came back.

Already Asleep
This one came about beside the lake in Vondelpark in Amsterdam when i was there last year on an extended honeymoon with my Michelle. A guy parked his bike a few metres from us and layed out a picnic rug. 20 minutes later a woman turned up and they embraced for like 20 minutes, tears and hugs and kisses, like they’d shagged 10 years ago and hadn’t seen each other since that night. Was an amazing 20 minutes soaking up their vibes and watching them like creeps. Then back in Sydney I took it into Foodies zone and Dan came up with a banger of a guitar solo in Owen P’s studio. He mic’d up Owen’s smallest amp and maxed it out to beyond thunderdome.

On The River
Really like how the jumpy progression turned out on this one. Lewey’s harmonies are sweet as candy and this song is super fun to play live. Nic’s drums are always killer and he added a rad country swagger to this track. At the 7sec mark he yelped into the drum mics for some reason, but it was a great take so we left it in the mix for laffs.

Big Weak is out now and available via Bandcamp.

Food Court also kick off their EP launch tour next week in Brisbane.

Saturday, November 15: Trainspotters, Brisbane
Friday, November 21: Waywards, Sydney
Friday, December 5: Boney, Melbourne
Sunday, December 7: Minimum Wage, Melbourne