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Tim Heidecker Pens New Ode to Rudy Giuliani’s Four Seasons Landscaping Press Conference

“Maybe next time, you and your creeps could find/Some place that isn’t next to a dildo store,” comedian croons

Tim Heidecker has released a new song, "Rudy at the 4 Season," about Rudy Giuliani's infamous press conference at a landscaping business.

Tim Heidecker has written a new song, “Rudy at the 4 Seasons,” memorializing Rudy Giuliani’s already infamous press conference outside a landscaping business in Philadelphia, where he tried to push President Donald Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud.

The event itself took place Saturday morning, November 9th, in the parking lot of Four Seasons Total Landscaping. While many (understandably) assumed the spot was accidentally booked instead of the luxury Four Seasons Hotel, per The New York Times, the Trump campaign insisted they always intended to secure this location due to it being in the one of the few areas of Philadelphia that’s Trump-friendly.

Either way, the scene of Giuliani decrying the election results and tossing out baseless conspiracies outside a garage next to a crematorium and a sex shop became an instant meme.

In “Rudy at the 4 Seasons,” Heidecker leans into the notion that the location snafu was the kind of mistake only Giuliani could make, crooning, “You thought you were headed to a four-star hotel/Just a couple of miles from the Liberty Bell.” But he did leave open the possibility that Giuliani did mean to book the landscaping company, suggesting he’s now terrified of hotels after the traumatic events of Borat 2: “Oh with your hand down your pants, maybe you don’t want to do a hotel,” Heidecker belts during the bridge, “Maybe next time, you and your creeps could find/Some place that isn’t next to a dildo store!”

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