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Hear Thurston Moore’s Sprawling New Instrumental Song ‘Strawberry Moon’

“A new piece for new peace,” artist says

Thurston Moore has unveiled new song "Strawberry Moon."

Adela Loconte/Shutterstock

Thurston Moore has unveiled a sprawling new instrumental song, “Strawberry Moon.” The musician unveiled the nine-minute track on his Bandcamp page.

The Sonic Youth co-founder recorded the meditative, three-guitar song at Daydream Library in London on Wednesday, the same day of its release. “A new piece for new peace,” he wrote on Twitter. “A celebration of the strawberry ( full ) moon vibrations — free energy for change.”

In addition to Moore releasing his latest single on the platform, Sonic Youth have also recently unveiled a number of live albums via Bandcamp, including 1993’s Blastic Scene, which they dropped last month. It was recorded in Lisbon, Portugal.

“It catches us in a good place in our history,” Moore told Rolling Stone of the recording. “Just post the Nirvana mania of ’90 to ’92 and our moving away from the overamped thrum of that into more stripped-down, linear and, possibly, introspective tones —  completely against the current of what mainstream alt-rock had become. Hits are for squares.”

Last month, the Sonic Youth co-founder participated in Third Man Records’ Public Access web series in an episode that features Alison Mosshart alongside several other artists, all of whom participated from their respective homes during quarantine.