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The Weeknd Enters an Alternate Reality With Swedish House Mafia Remix of ‘Sacrifice’

Track’s video arrived the same day as the pop star’s latest album, Dawn FM

UPDATE (12/1): The Weeknd has offered up a new remix of “Sacrifice” featuring Swedish House Mafia that comes with a completely new music video as well. The “alternate world” clip isn’t nearly as creepy as the original, though it does boast some strange touches as white-eyed, levitating dancers achieve ultimate euphoria in what looks like a high school gymnasium.

The “Sacrifice” remix is also one of three new tracks the Weeknd has added to the expanded version of new album, Dawn FM. The other is a remix of “Take My Breath” featuring Agents of Time, as well as a previously-released Swedish House Mafia collaboration, “Moth to a Flame.”


The Weeknd finds himself in the midst of a surreal dance floor ritual in the new video for “Sacrifice,” a track off his latest album, Dawn FM.

The Cliqua-directed clip opens with a disconcertingly smooth radio DJ for “103.5 Dawn FM” waking up the Weeknd and telling him, “It’s time to walk into the light and accept your fate with open arms. Scared? Don’t worry, we’ll be there to hold your hand and guide you through this painless transition.”