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The Teskey Brothers Release Third Album ‘The Winding Way’

We realised ‘The Winding Way’ is the perfect metaphor for all the recent changes we’d been through in our lives,” the RS AU/NZ cover stars say

The Teskey Brothers

Ian Laidlaw

The Teskey Brothers have released their highly-anticipated third studio album, The Winding Way.

The record was born out of a time of artistic evolution for Josh and Sam, and is their most adventurous release to date.

“Our old recording studio was on a street called Winding Way in Melbourne. We moved out of that house in 2021 just before recording this album,” Josh explains. “When we were trying to come up with a title we realised ‘The Winding Way’ is the perfect metaphor for all the recent changes we’d been through in our lives.

“Not only moving out of the studio but starting families, experiencing big loss, and growing up in lots of different ways. It was unintentional but the album slowly became all about those ‘growing up’ themes of nostalgia, connection, displacement, and finding a path through the winding way of life. I think we discovered that we’re not kids anymore!”

“We recorded in a different city with amazing gear and new collaborators,” Sam adds. “I was able to step away from the engineering role which was huge for me. It felt fun and exciting in a way that recording music hadn’t for some time and it took the songs in really interesting new directions. Stepping outside the comfort zone of the old studio definitely helped make this one a more mature and ‘classy’ record.”

You can listen to The Winding Way below. In other band news, The Teskey Brothers will embark on a massive headline tour of Australia and New Zealand at the end of the year.

Josh and Sam Teskey, who were unveiled as the latest Rolling Stone AU/NZ cover stars earlier this month, will perform 13 shows across the two countries in December and January.

The brothers discussed the making of their new album and much more in their Rolling Stone AU/NZ cover story. They granted the magazine exclusive access into their homes, where they shared the story of their careers to date.

The cover story, written by Rolling Stone AU/NZ contributor Lars Brandle, chronicles the recent experiences they’ve had raising their young families and learning to be dads, how Josh’s struggles with a vocal injury changed the way he approaches singing, and the significant impact the support of the late Michael Gudinski had on their careers.

“It was really really exciting to be the cover artist on the front of Rolling Stone, it’s a real honour and it feels like a moment in history for us,” Josh Teskey says. “I think all bands and artists feel like it’s this moment in your career where you’re like ‘yes, all right, we’re on the cover of Rolling Stone.’

The June-August edition hits newsstands in Australia and New Zealand this week. For the very first time since it relaunched under The Brag Media in 2021, the magazine will also be available in Coles supermarkets across the country.

The Teskey Brothers’ The Winding Way is out now via Ivy League Records.