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‘The Sound’ Announces Its Return for Highly-Anticipated Second Season

“The positive feedback from season one validated just how much Aussie audiences love their music television,” says ‘The Sound’ host Jane Gazzo.

Image of Amy Shark performing for 'The Sound'

Amy Shark was one of the 85 artists who performed for season one of 'The Sound'

James Pellegrino/Mushroom Creative

Not even two months after the completion of its inaugural season, the ABC’s acclaimed music show The Sound has revealed it will return next month for another season.

Announced today, The Sound will premiere its second season on November 1st, marking the beginning of Ausmusic Month, with Jane Gazzo returning as host, alongside triple j Good Nights host Bridget Hustwaite. The new season will continue in the same format as the first, with a special co-host joining for each episode, while the return of segments such as ‘From The Vault’ and ‘Tribute’ will also help to provide the world-class music programming that has been provided so far.

“I am delighted to be part of The Sound season two,” Gazzo explains. “Australian music is not just being celebrated, but also documented and highlighted during what has been possibly the most unusual year ever for the arts and music industry.

“The positive feedback from season one validated just how much Aussie audiences love their music television… I look forward to seeing the massive talent and contributions from so many of our established and emerging artists. Bring it on!”

The Sound was first launched in July of 2020 as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which crippled the live music sector, leaving artists unable to perform and earn an income due to restrictions leading to the closure of venues around the country.

The response to the newly-launched program was swift and positive, with over 1.68 million viewers watching clips of the performances uploaded onto social media, while a total of 85 artists – including the likes of Nick Cave, Paul Kelly, Tones And I, Kylie Minogue, and much more – lent their inimitable talents to episodes.

Currently, the lineup for the forthcoming season premiere of The Sound is unknown, though details are expected to arrive closer to its airdate of November 1st.

The Sound – Season Two

Lineup still to be announced

Hosted by Jane Gazzo, Bridget Hustwaite, and special guest hosts.

Premiering Sunday November 1st, 6pm on ABC
Encore Saturday November 7th, 1.30pm on ABC