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The Soul Movers Team Up with Original Wiggles Lineup for Live Stream

The Soul Movers have recruited the original lineup of The Wiggles for their latest music video, with behind-the-scenes footage going live this weekend.

Promo image of The Wiggles

Murray Cook is reuniting with his old bandmates in The Wiggles for the latest clip from The Soul Movers


Fans of classic Aussie talent are in for a surprise this weekend, with The Soul Movers set to share some behind-the-scenes footage of their latest video shoot with the original Wiggles lineup.

For some time now, The Soul Movers have been teasing the forthcoming release of the clip for their new single, “Spinning Round”.

A “funky retro dance track”, the clip is officially set for release on July 24th, with teasers urging folks to join the “Soul Movers Gym” while sharing promo footage of Murray Cook working out on an exercise bike.

Making things even more exciting, the forthcoming video is set to be a rather special affair for Aussie music-lovers, with Cook reuniting with his old bandmates in The Wiggles for the clip.

Featuring the talents of Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, and Greg Page, the clip is on track to be a rather wild affair, serving as equal parts a celebration of new music, a nostalgic look back into their time in the beloved band, and a typical excuse to get a bit wild in front of the camera.

Sharing a few teasers on social media ahead of the clip’s launch (including one that saw Page reveal he’s “well and healthy” following a heart attack in January), this Sunday is set to see The Wiggles’ original lineup and The Soul Movers go live on social media.

Recruiting Page’s iconic voice for a teaser clip earlier today, fans are urged to tune into The Soul Movers’ socials accounts at midday EST on Sunday, June 28th to see behind-the-scenes footage of the forthcoming music video.

While there’s still a few weeks to go before the official launch of the “Spinning Round” film clip, fans of either The Soul Movers of The Wiggles should definitely keep up to date with the recent events by tuning into the former’s social pages for some intriguing insights into what’s to come in just a few weeks.