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The Neptune Power Federation Share New Single, ‘We Beasts of The Night’

Featuring Private Function’s Chris Penney, “We Beasts of The Night” sees The Neptune Power Federation showcasing their versatility with this soaring rock balld.


As New South Wales fuzz metal supergroup The Neptune Power Federation kick off another decade of existence, they’ve gearing up to unleash their fifth album next week, with new single “We Beasts of The Night” showcasing the group’s softer side.

Having first formed over a decade ago by Frenzal Rhomb’s Jay ‘Jaytanic Ritual’ Whalley on bass, with wife Lauren ‘Screaming Loz Sutch’ Friedman on vocals, the hard rock outfit was soon completed with the inclusion of members of Nancy Vandal (Mike ‘Inverted CruciFox’ Foxall and Dean ‘Mr Styx’ Bakota), and prolific metal guitarist Troy ‘Search & DesTroy’ Vod.

Since then, they’ve unleashed a quartet of stunning records and a handful of singles, with each release showcasing the group’s versatile hard-rock sound at every turn.

Now, the group are gearing up to unleash their latest record next week, with Le Demon De L’Amour arriving on Valentine’s Day in honour of its status as an album of love songs. Unable to shake the fact that love songs had been commandeered by “soft rockers, bedwetters and the introvert crowd”, The Neptune Power Federation deemed it fit to take the power back and once again venture back into the territory of the lovesick rocker, reclaiming the art of the love song as their own once again.

Already we’ve seen singles such as “Emmaline” and “My Precious One” help to give fans a taste of what the record is set to sound like, but it’s new single “We Beasts of The Night” that proves the versatility of the group.

Eschewing the unending aural-assault of chugging guitars and pounding riffs, “We Beasts of The Night” shows off the group’s softer side, harking back to iconic love ballads of the ’70s and ’80s thanks to it acoustic instrumentation and soaring vocals.

Kicking off with a spoken-word tribute to the late Meat Loaf’s “You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth” (though you’ll have to wait for the album to arrive to hear it), the track serves as a duet between Screaming Loz Sutch and Private Function frontman Chris Penney, who straddles the line between crooner and theatrical rocker as the track amps up towards its end, and closing out The Neptune Power Federation’s latest record.

While The Neptune Power Federation might have shown their worth as masters of the word of fuzz metal, both new single “We Beasts of The Night” and new album Le Demon De L’Amour show that there’s nothing they can’t do.

The Neptune Power Federation’s “We Beasts of The Night” is out now, while new album Le Demon De L’Amour will be released on Monday, February 14th, with pre-orders available now.