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The Kid LAROI Considers the Life of a Fading Rock Star on Satirical New Single, ‘I GUESS IT’S LOVE?’

The rapper has looked to the future and foreseen a wild life of rock ‘n roll and plastic surgery in his new single

The Kid LAROI has looked to the future and foreseen a wild life of rock ‘n roll and plastic surgery in his new single.

“I GUESS IT’S LOVE?” is the rapper’s lightly satirical take on the waning life of a fading rock star. The accompanying music video, directed by Helmi, begins by showing LAROI spending time with his influencer girlfriend, Katarina Deme, today: they play on the tennis court, eat nachos, chill out in the sauna, and frolic together in bed. So far, so normal.

“Don’t need nobody else but you, you, you, you and I/She asked me where I’m tryna eat, I told her, ‘You decide,’” Laroi happily sings in the first verse. “Honestly, baby, that’s the last thing that’s on my mind.”

That’s when the track – and video – suddenly progresses to the future, with LAROI now dealing with his fading youth: he sports a grotesque goatee, and argues with his girlfriend who has managed to stay looking youthful.

The clip then jumps even further into the future, capturing the couple as wrinkly and overweight pensioners confronting the intrusive paparazzi; as both say “I do” and get married, LAROI and Deme finally get married in their old age.

The video concludes with a teaser for LAROI’s upcoming release, a single titled “What Just Happened”, which is when he’ll also finally reveal the release date of his new album, The First Time.

“I GUESS IT’S LOVE?” follows previous single “Kids Are Growing Up (Part 1)”, a deeply personal track that saw the rapper reflect on the pains of growing up, remembering his early days when he dreamed of being in the position he occupies now.

Both tracks will feature on The First Time, which will be the follow-up to his acclaimed 2020 mixtape F*ck Love, which topped charts around the world, including in his home country and the U.S..

The Kid LAROI’s “I GUESS IT’S LOVE?” is out now.