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The 1975 Imagine Utopia in Their New ‘Don’t Worry’ Video

Latest Notes on a Conditional Form visual takes place in a green city done up in CGI

The 1975 have released the music video for “Don’t Worry,” the latest visual from the Manchester quartet’s new album Notes on a Conditional Form.

Done in the same CGI-rendered style as past videos like “The Birthday Party,” the simple, utopian “Don’t Worry” clip shows a person walking through a shiny cityscape where buildings are surrounded by trees and sources of renewable energy (wind farms, solar panels, etc.). The passerby looks through the upper window of an apartment building and sees a dancer twirling around their plant-filled living room. The two characters eventually make eye contact, smiling and waving at each other at the song’s end.

The 1975 released Notes on a Conditional Form this past May; the 22-track LP features the songs “People,” “Frail State of Mind,” “Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America,” “Me and You Together Song,” “Guys,” “If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)” and others.

In the weeks leading up to the new album’s release, the band hosted listening parties for their first three albums every Friday on Twitter and Spotify, culminating in 2018’s A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. Healy also hosted a special podcast in partnership with The Face where he interviewed heroes like Stevie Nicks, Brian Eno and Mike Kinsella.