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Watch SZA’s Psychedelic New Video for ‘Good Days’

“I’m a plant living growing and dying .. also on shrooms,” singer tweets of video, which also teases new song “Shirt”

SZA has paired her hit single “Good Days” with a psychedelic new music video directed by the singer.

In the visual, a dreaming SZA envisions she is a magic mushroom growing in the forest, dancing among the other fungi and spraying spores; that footage is juxtaposed with SZA pole-dancing in a library stacked high with books.

“[Point of view]: I’m a plant living growing and dying .. also on shrooms,” SZA tweeted of the video.

The still-sleeping SZA eventually moves on from her trip and winds up at a gas station where she pole-dances to a minute-long snippet of a new song that SZA called “Shirt”; SZA previously teased the then-unreleased “Good Days” at the conclusion of her previous video “Hit Different.”

“I’ve never been more scared and proud to be myself,” SZA wrote on Instagram following the video’s release. “Thank you to my entire team for constantly being patient and supportive. I love you all.”

Arriving over three years after her acclaimed 2017 debut album Ctrl, “Good Days” — since its Christmas 2020 release — has become the solo biggest hit of SZA’s career, going platinum and reaching Number Two on Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Songs Chart in February; the track was held out of the top spot by Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License.”

From Rolling Stone US