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Move Over Multiverse, Stray Kids Are Entering the ‘Megaverse’ in New Video

Hip-hop star Tablo makes an unexpected cameo at the end of the video. Is a collab on the way?

Stray Kids


Welcome to the Stray Kids Hot Megaverse. The K-pop group have released the action-packed video for their rap-filled single “Megaverse” from their recently-released mini-album Rock-Star.

The video opens with the group — comprising Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N — being watched by a security guard from inside of an elevator, before Felix opens the track with a high-energy rap verse, declaring: “The multiverse ain’t ready for our universe.”

The video then shows each member walking through an ominous cement building before members knock out the man surveilling them as they knock him through the floor of the building. (What did the security guard even do to them?)

At the end of the video, Canadian K-pop star Tablo makes an appearance as a new security guard and fills in a crossword that answers the question “Next ‘X’?” with his own name. The Epik High member’s appearance is leading fans to speculate that a collaboration with him is in the works.

“Stray Kids everywhere all around the world,” declares an on-screen message at the end of the video. “You make stray kids stay.”

“Megaverse” marks the first track on the group’s recent mini-album Rock-Star, which Stray Kids dropped on Nov. 10. The album also features the songs “Complex,” “Cover Me,” and “Social Path” with LiSA.

The new video comes on the heels of the group performing a medley of “S-Class” and “LALALALA” at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday. They also won the award for Top K-Pop Album for 5-Star, beating out LPs by Jimin, New Jeans, TXT, and Twice.

“Without the love and support from everyone, we would probably not have made it this far, and if wasn’t for the people that have been running by our side this whole time, the music that we create would not have been able to reach the people in need,” Bang Chan said for the group at the awards show.

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