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The Spazzys Part Ways with Drummer Following Claims of “Neo-Nazi and Anti-Lockdown” Discourse

“Lucy Spazzy and I condemn such views in the strongest possible terms,” Kat Spazzy wrote on social media. “They are abominable and offensive to us.”

Image of the Spazzys

The Spazzys, as featured on the artwork to their 2014 single, "Money For My Honey".

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(UPDATE 18/8): A previous version of this article used the real name of Kat Spazzy, and has been removed upon request. Clarification was also provided that “the Spazzys have not been active as a band for years”, and that Kat has had no contact with McNamara “for over two years”.


Melbourne punk trio the Spazzys have reportedly parted ways with their drummer following allegations of the musician anonymously sharing “neo-Nazi and anti-lockdown propaganda” online.

The allegations came to light in a recent article from The Sydney Morning Herald, which focused on “how neo-Nazis seek to spread influence”, with attention paid to white supremacy in Australia, along with those who have protested the country’s ongoing lockdowns.

Near the end of the article, authors Nick McKenzie and Joel Tozer stated that “another anti-lockdown promoter has been unmasked as Alice McNamara, a musician who runs a children’s music business, KiddyRock,” noting that McNamara “has been posting neo-Nazi and anti-lockdown propaganda under an online alias” and later hung up the phone when contacted for comment.

McNamara is also known by the name Ally Spazzy, having served as the drummer for Melbourne outfit the Spazzys since their inception over two decades ago.

Instagram comment made by Kat Spazzy

In the wake of the allegations being published online, Spazzys guitarist and vocalist Kat Spazzy commented on social media, revealing that McNamara is no longer a member of the group. However Kat did not specify whether her departure occurred since the article was published, or if it had happened prior.

“It has come to my attention this morning, that Ally Spazzy, a former member of our band, is alleged to have been involved in posting online hate speech,” Kat wrote. “Ally’s views had become increasingly odd, irrational and conspiratorial over recent years, indeed, that is the reason why The Spazzys have not been able to play together for some time.

“We are shocked and saddened to now discover that she is alleged to have been anonymously posting in support of neo nazi beliefs.

“Lucy Spazzy and I condemn such views in the strongest possible terms,” Kat concluded. “They are abominable and offensive to us. They do not reflect that attitude and character of the band either before or after Ally was a member.”

The Spazzys last released a full-length record by way of 2011’s Dumb is Forever, while their last performance (as per Setlist.fm) took place in March of 2018, having supported Jet at the Melbourne Zoo Twilights series.