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Song You Need to Know: Wedding Motel, ‘Part Timer’

A project spawned as a way to remain creative during lockdown, Wedding Motel is the musical moniker of Bad//Dreems frontman Benjamin Marwe.

Alexander Gow*

Bad//Dreems frontman Benjamin Marwe has stepped into the spotlight with Wedding Motel, his newly-announced solo project, and its debut single, “Part Timer”.

Having fronted the Adelaide pub-rock outfit since its inception in mid-2011, Marwe has managed to earn a reputation as a unique performer, with his powerful voice and distinctive stage presence making him seem like a fitting choice for a group renowned for their intense live shows.

However, Wedding Motel sees acclaimed rocker venturing down to the other end of the pool, going solo with a project which attempts to “blend eerie-sad-disco with dystopian-folk motifs”, combined with a series of blurred stream-of-consciousness lyrics.

Initially kicking off as an attempt to maintain his creativity throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020, Wedding Motel quickly evolved into something much more developed and professional, with Marwe’s music speaking to the soul of the isolated, and paired with lyrics that draw upon reflective passions, childhood memories and self deprecating imagery.

The first taste of Wedding Motel’s output is debut single “Part Timer”, which officially releases on October 1st. Described as an exploration of the “realisation of self-mediocrity, the swamp of ingrained alcoholism, and the want to shed old skin in an effort to create new skin”, the single almost serves as something of a cleaning ritual; focusing on the need to hide away from the noise and rid oneself of the scum.

A chugging rhythm section combines with lonesome guitar lines and a sweeping, atmospheric synth as Marwe’s trademark voice as he chants the almost cryptic lyrics. “I’m just a part timer, and you’re a part timer too,” he admits. “A part timer of love. I’m a part timer of you.”

“Part Timer” is the first taste of Wedding Motel’s forthcoming EP, Childhood Beach, which is on track to be released through Endless Recordings on November 19th.

“The EP was an amalgamation of revised demos and new recordings,” Marwe explains. “Originally intended to be a nine-track album, I decided to cull a few and settle on an EP. Originally I recorded the track alone in Adelaide in 2018 on GarageBand, then re-recorded it alone in Adelaide in 2020, again on GarageBand.”

With Wedding Motel described as a communal location for folks to gather and “talk backwards and over one another” as a “broken jukebox churns out distorted chin music for the lonely”, the first taste of the project is one that is as welcoming as it is personal, and serves as another accomplished step in Marwe’s already-exceptional career.

Wedding Motel’s “Part Timer” is officially released on October 1st via Endless Recordings, while debut EP Childhood Beach will be released on November 19th.