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Song You Need to Know: Thutmose, Rema & R3HAB, ‘Love in The Morning’

Globally-acclaimed Dutch DJ R3HAB has reimagined the 2019 track from Thutmose & Rema into a masterful fusion of dance music and Afro beats.

Noah Marley Elwin*; Courtesy of CYB3RPVNK

One of the world’s top DJs has lent his inimitable talents to one of 2019’s most underrated tracks, with R3HAB offering up a remix to Thutmose & Rema’s “Love in The Morning”.

Having steadily risen to fame over the last few years, Nigerian-born artist Thutmose has fast become one of the most vital artists on the scene, gaining praise from the big names such as Scott Storch and Pink Sweat$.

Releasing his debut mixtape in 2018, Thutmose has managed to rack up the achievements at every turn, not only appearing as the only independent artist on the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack, but also touring with the likes of Billie Eilish, selling out a Parisian arena, and even voicing a character in the universally-popular video game, League of Legends.

In late 2019, Thutmose released his Don’t Wake Me EP, which featured “Love in The Morning”, a collaboration with Nigerian singer and Apple Music Up Next artist Rema. The track fast became popular online, with both its official video and Spotify upload boasting over three million plays thanks in part to its slick vibe and embracing of the Afro beats sound.

Now, critically-acclaimed Dutch DJ R3HAB has entered the fold, remixing the track and reimagining the track as a mesmerising fusion of dance and Afro beats that seems almost custom made for the live stage.

“Originally, I was asked to remix Thutmose & Rema’s ‘Love in The Morning’, but the workflow on this one was so smooth and pleasant,” R3HAB explains of how it all came together. “And additionally Thutmose and Rema were so involved and interested in the process, that we decided to combine our forces to release this dance spin-off of ‘Love in The Morning’; as our original release.

“I have never done anything like this before. I love this fusion of Dance Music and Afro beats.”

A masterful combination of the two genres, the remix of “Love in The Morning” sees R3HAB turning his sights to the Afro beats genre for the first time, with the end result undeniably proving why he’s regarded as one of the world’s top DJs.

Though the track serves as a stellar addition to R3HAB’s set, it’ll likely be a little while before fans around the world get a chance to experience it in a live setting. Notably, Thutmose and Rema performed the track live in Nigeria during the former’s homecoming tour last December, undoubtedly leaving countless fans willing to experience the magic once again.

R3HAB’s remix of Thutmose & Rema’s “Love in The Morning” is available for streaming now.