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Song You Need to Know: Thunder Fox, ‘Head in The Clouds’

An inexplicably funky piece of R&B-infused pop, “Head in The Clouds” is set to serve as the opening track on Thunder Fox’s upcoming album, Sanctuary.

Image of Thunder Fox


With just a couple of weeks to go until the release of their new album, Sanctuary, Sydney quintet Thunder Fox have given fans another taste of what to expect by way of “Head in The Clouds”.

Following on from recent singles “Not For Sale” and “Love You 2”, “Head in The Clouds” is set to open the group’s forthcoming album, and undoubtedly in the sort of thing that one needs to hear to truly appreciate.

Setting the tone of what is set to follow on the record, the smooth, exuberant jam kicks off with a gospel choir before quickly changing tack, moving onto intoxicating rhythms, celebratory instrumentals, and blissful, soulful vocals. It’s a kaleidoscopic, exhilarating piece of funky R&B-infused pop, and almost defies belief at how something so majestic can arrive when the world feels so dismal.

“If Thunder Fox is known for anything, it’s being able to avoid taking things too seriously,” explains vocalist and guitarist Sam Dawes. “‘Head in The Clouds’ came to me in a blue dream on one of those hot nights where your brain feels sticky.

“I think the lyrics are self-explanatory so, I won’t provide an in depth analysis. The point is, we wanted to open the album with some fun and familiarity before shit got real.”

Indeed, “Head in The Clouds” provides exactly the sort of escapism we need from music, with its inescapable vibe and mesmerically sunny disposition giving us some blissful respite.

While “Head in The Clouds” is officially released as a single on Thursday, November 4th, it’s set to make another appearance on November 18th when it serves as the opening track from the group’s second album, Sanctuary. If previous singles are anything to go by, Sanctuary is on track to be one of the most eclectic and energetic albums of the year, so make sure you don’t sleep on it.

Thunder Fox’s “Head in The Clouds” is released on November 4th, while new album Sanctuary arrives on November 18th.