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Song You Need to Know: The Butterfly Effect, ‘So Tired’

The first new single from The Butterfly Effect in two years, the Brisbane icons are set to return with a new album in 2022.


It’s been a couple of years since the last taste of new music from Brisbane heavy icons The Butterfly Effect, but as things ramp up towards the group’s forthcoming era, the veteran rockers have unveiled their latest cut, the blistering “So Tired”.

Their first new single since 2019’s “Unbroken”, “So Tired” captures the group’s classic sound, pairing pounding, complex rhythms with pained lyrics which see vocalist Clint Boge participating in troubling behaviours in an attempt to run from the darker parts of the mind.

I’m so fucking tired I can’t sleep. I’m so fucking wired I can’t speak. I’m burning alive I’m so beat. So god damned drained get off me,” Boge sings with his impassioned voice. “Fighting a demon you can’t see, he’s riding my back like a monkey. I just can’t escape, can’t break free. Fell to my knees I can’t breathe.”

“This song is about excess; this song is about us,” explains guitarist Kurt Goedhart. “We started this band, then before we knew it, it became ‘hold on for your dear lives!’ We were in a cycle of writing, touring, recording, touring – and above all else, we were partying NON-STOP.

“If you wanna know what it is like to live that life, there is no better explanation than this song.”

A fitting representation of The Butterfly Effect’s history, it also feels like an all-too relevant song to appear in times such as these, with the group having always maintained an ability to speak directly to the masses from their blisteringly-heavy positions.

While “So Tired” is the group’s first single since 2019, it certainly won’t be their last, with new music set to arrive in 2022, including the band’s first new album since 2008’s Final Conversation of Kings.

“We’ve got a new album coming in 2022, the next single is also ready to go, it’s a savage tune and will be dropping in February,” explains drummer Ben Hall. “Phattest riff Puddles has ever written in 20 years.

“We’re hoping Covid restrictions will ease and Glenn [Edmond, bass] can join us for the next studio sessions, making the experience more of a traditional recording scenario, minimal internet, lots of noise kind of thing.”

The Butterfly Effect’s “So Tired” is out now.