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Song You Need to Know: St. Lucia, ‘Rocket on My Feet’

The first piece of new music from St. Lucia in four years, “Rocket on My Feet” is an exuberant anthem full of light.

Gabrielle Kannemeyer*

After four years, beloved indietronica outfit St. Lucia have returned with their first taste of new music, sharing the exuberant “Rocket on My Feet” recently.

Having first formed back in 2012, the project – fronted by South African-born Jean-Philip Grobler – quickly found fame from countless critics who praised the refreshingly joyful sound of St. Lucia. Three albums would follow, with the group’s last – Hyperion – appearing back in 2018.

Now, after a few years away from the scene, St. Lucia have returned with their latest single, with “Rocket on My Feet” serving as the first taste of their new era.

Feeling equal parts like a lost ’80s anthem, and a classic of the late-’70s funk era, “Rocket on My Feet” effortlessly captures the St. Lucia sound, without once sounding derivative or repetitive. As Grobler himself explains, the brightness features on the track is not by accident.

“In a way, this is my personal rebellion against the darkness of the world,” he explains. “It’s easy to feel depressed these days, so I’m trying to bring something joyous to the world. I was sick of seeing shit on the Internet, and I just wanted to feel good.

“That’s what being human is about. We have to feel alive, no matter what is happening around us.”

Undoubtedly, it’s a single that is almost custom-made to ensure the listener feels good, with its exuberant nature impossible to ignore as St. Lucia continue bring their good vibes into every second of their latest work.

At this stage, there’s no word if “Rocket on My Feet” is set to appear on a new record, but with promise of new music set to arrive in the near future, it won’t be long before we find out.

St. Lucia’s “Rocket on My Feet” is out now.