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Song You Need to Know: Samuel Gaskin, ‘RECKŌNING’

Merging both Māori & Aboriginal culture through the power of music and video, “RECKŌNING” is a cultural tour de force for Samuel Gaskin.


Having fittingly described as a creative tour de force, it makes complete sense that “RECKŌNING”, the latest release from Melbourne-based singer and songwriter Samuel Gaskin, is one that delights every one of the senses for those lucky enough to witness it.

With years spent cementing himself as both a creator and a musical advocate for change, Gaskin has managed to turn heads thanks to his prolific talent and staunch advocacy as a queer artist of African, New Zealand, and European roots.

Last year, Gaskin managed to overcome some of the obstacles put forth by COVID and launched his ambitious (and highly successful) stage production, RECKŌNING: Te Waiata Paihere Wairua – The Sounds of Woven Souls. Now, this week sees Gaskin presenting its sister release by way of the mesmerising “RECKŌNING”.

Described as “an intercultural exploration into indigeneity and ancestry”, both the track and its accompanying video combine to create a multisensory celebration of Indigenous joy, dismantling outdated ideas of identity and expression by way of bringing indigenous songwriters from Aotearoa, New Zealand and Te Whēnua Moemoeā (Land of The Dreamtime), Australia together to craft a mesmerising pop track.

“‘RECKŌNING’ is what I’m most proud of,” Gaskin explains. “It’s a lifetime of ‘work’ both on myself and my craft. It’s what the world needs more of.

“It’s a celebration of the magic, resilience and POWER the Indigenous people of the world hold regardless of everything they have endured. ‘RECKŌNING’ is the future.”

While the track itself is an immersive five-minute composition that crosses cultural boundaries with its lyrics in English and te reo Māori, and also brings people together thanks to the unifying power of music, it’s the accompanying music video that helps to steal the show and portray the true scope of its multicultural reach.

Working with partner and Beat Entertainment Artistic Director, Johnny Hamilton, along with female empowered Production House, Majella Productions, the clip features a cast of 20 First Nations Aboriginal and Māori performers, with its powerful, raw truth telling combining with uplifting beats and Mana (spirit) to create a blissful intertwining of both Māori & Aboriginal culture.

“‘RECKŌNING’ for me is a visual representation of the power, resilience, beauty, pride and love that flows from Indigenous people when a space of love, honour and respect is upheld,” Hamilton explains.

Samuel Gaskin’s “RECKŌNING” is officially released on Thursday, August 12th.