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Song You Need to Know: Robotikus, KOWL & Calypso, ‘Out of Love’

Teaming up with KOWL and Calypso, “Out of Love” emerges as a masterful piece of funk-rock from the creative powerhouse that is Robotikus.


Multi-hyphenate polymath Scott Targett has shared the video for the latest track from his Robotikus project, with “Out of Love” appearing as one of the smoothest pieces of funk-rock to emerge in recent times.

Having first risen to fame as a member of Dukes of Windsor, Targett has continued to kick goals throughout his professional life, with achievements such as multi-instrumentalist, producer, and musical director all peppering his resumé.

In addition to sharing stages with iconic names such as The Presets, PNAU, and more, Targett can be found playing in Tasmanian indie-rock band Lennon Wells, or flexing his musical muscles as a genre-hopping session musician.

However, recent years have seen him focus on his Robotikus project, which has released a string of singles since its formation a few years back. Now though, his most recent release is one of his best, teaming up with KOWL and Calypso for “Out of Love”.

Described as an amalgamation of Robotikus’ far-reaching influences of the disco, funk, and house pioneers of the 1970s and ’80s, “Out of Love” is an eclectic piece which collections slick funk instrumentation along with melodic synths and bassy dance breaks to curate a rich tapestry of sound.

Having teamed up with Cal Young (KOWL) in the studio in Hobart one afternoon, Young showed Targett the rework of an old sample that he had been working on. Inspired, Targett paired it with a bassline, effectively cementing the building blocks of the track. Once completed, the pair teamed up with Calypso who, having immediately made notes after hearing the song as an instrumental, instantly turned “Out of Love” into an arresting funky anthem.

In addition to the release of the track, “Out of Love” also comes paired with a music video, filmed and edited by Cal Young, that merges with the slick intricacies of the single to give it a truly mesmerising visual accompaniment.

“The idea for ‘Out of Love’ stemmed from an old Instagram clip I made for another track of mine where my good friend Kyle played a character called ‘Gary’ but he wore a green suit out at the pub which I keyed out,” Young explains. “Basically he was a silhouette acting like a bit of a dick. A few years go by and I’d been toying with videography and wanted to make a clip all on my own and ‘Out of Love’ was the perfect opportunity to slap something together which was (in my mind) kinda dodgy but with a bit of charm.

“The narrative came about after my partner and I broke up and I wanted to express something that was similar,” adds Young. “Donning the green suits, it represents an ex couples struggles, one more than the other. Having the keyed out green suits was meant to let the audience know that their situation is unique to them but also something that we all go through with love lost. Also green screens are so much fun to play around with!”

Alongside the release of the video, Robotikus is also on track to perform a DJ set at the A Day by The Bay festival in Woodbridge, Tasmania on Saturday, February 19th.