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Song You Need to Know: Remains, ‘Bloodthirst’

Set to appear on their debut album ‘Grind Til Death’, Remains’ ‘Bloodthirst’ serves as a stellar example of what the brutal collective are capable of.


Just a few months after the announcement of their signing to Melbourne label Disdain Records, grind outfit Remains have given fans a taste of their forthcoming debut album with the ferocious “Bloodthirst”.

Having first formed back in 2019, Remains have spent the past few years dealing with the stasis of COVID while still managing to carve out a name for themselves as a fierce live outfit.

Relative newcomers to the world of local music as a unified collective, Remains comprise some of the biggest names in the metal and grind scene, with its members bringing together decades of combined experience thanks to their work in outfits such as Blood Duster, Captain Cleanoff, The Day Everything Became Nothing, The Kill, Fuck… I’m Dead, Undinism, and One Inch Punch/Mid Youth Crisis.

Having spent time ensuring their burgeoning legacy is one to be remembered, Remains have already played numerous shows on local soil, along with a number of international supports, featuring alongside iconic names such as Obituary and Cattle Decapitation. Now, it’s time to take things to the next level

Announced today, Disdain Records are set to release Remains’ debut album – Grind Til Death – on July 15th, with pre-orders available today. The first taste of the record comes by way of “Bloodthirst”, a brutal explosion of a track that showcases not only the intensity of Remains as a collective of ferocious talent, but a mesmerising example of what is set to feature on their forthcoming album.

“So about the new debut album, it’s near approaching its release date and we are extremely excited for it to reach the masses of extreme underground music,” explains vocalist Tony ‘Tone Bone’ Forde. “You and our Remainiac legion will hear the most ferocious album of 2022 which comes with everything you would expect from a stadium grind band, prepare your ears for a total beating.

“‘Bloodthirst’, the first single of our debut album, is basically about an Australian murder that took place in Wollongong in the late ’90s which involved a killer who was found to be into satanism and killed a couple local blokes with extreme violence,” he adds.

While “Bloodthirst” is indeed paired with brutal themes, so too is the video which complements its release – pairing black-and-white performance footage with some visual context to help not only drive home the power of the track, but to also show Remains in their element.

“The video which accompanies the song is also reminiscent of videos we saw growing up with ourselves moshin’ out, playing extreme music and looking brutal as fuck along with a minor story line acted throughout the clip basically,” adds Tone Bone.

“I love that it captures the vibe of us playing and how you would see us perform onstage and see us really enjoying what we do with extreme brutality!!”

With Grind Til Death set for release on July 15th (with international distribution being handled by Italy’s Spikerot Records), Remains will also be hosting a livestream on July 14th, with more details set to be revealed in the lead-up to the event.

Remains’ “Bloodthirst” is out today, while debut album Grind Til Death is set for release on July 15th via Disdain Records, with pre-orders available now.