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Song You Need to Know: Purple Drapes, ‘Fly With Me’

Purple Drapes might have only been on the scene for a short period of time, but Jared Higgs is already dishing out some eclectic bangers.


Just a few months on from the release of debut single, “Richard”, Sydney producer Purple Drapes has unveiled his latest effort, with “Fly With Me” arriving today.

The musical moniker of Jared Higgs, even a cursory listen of Purple Drapes’ music shows a fondness for slick bedroom pop with a hazy sound at its forefront. As Higgs explains, it was after spending time up the front of Sydney indie-rock outfit Doko that he realised “it was the perfect time to venture into the genre of songs that I felt truly inspired by”.

Launching his project earlier this year, listeners were treated to the majesty of “Richard” back in April, with eclectic instrumentation and soulful vocals turning it into an immediate genre-hopping favourite.

Now, this sort of musical focus is back again on “Fly With Me”, with the track almost feeling custom-built to evoke memories of nostalgic ’90s hip-hop-inspired soundscapes, while also serving as a musical representation of pure escapism.

With a mesmerising list of influences up his sleeve, it’s barely any surprise that Higgs or his Purple Drapes project provides music that is so welcoming, inviting, and catchy.

Though it’s currently unclear whether “Fly With Me” (or “Richard”, for that matter) is an early taste of a larger body of work, or if Purple Drapes will simply exist to provide listeners with standalone singles. But what is clear though is that the stunning new project will likely be inviting you into a kaleidoscopic world of musical bliss at every turn.

Purple Drapes’ “Fly With Me” is out now.