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Song You Need to Know: Plovers, ‘Greed’

A track that ruminates on the “grotesque nature of wealth inequality”, “Greed” sees Melbourne’s Plovers delivering one of their most important singles to date.

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Having last promised that You Can Do Better with their 2020 EP of the same name, enigmatic Melbourne trio Plovers have attempted to deliver on that promise with new single “Greed”.

Since their formation a few years ago, the outfit have been pushing their agenda of self-described “post-something” music wherever they go, having shared stages with some iconic names, including Shihad, Gang of Four, and Private Function.

Now though, Plovers’ latest track is a brutal takedown of the “grotesque nature of wealth inequality”, with its inspiration being mined from the global frustrations that have become universally apparent in recent years.

“It’s not explicitly anti-wealth or anti-success without context, but rather it’s focused on the gross imbalance of wealth distribution in global society,” explains Plovers’ Jared Chappell. “In the current pandemic climate, the wealth of our <1% has risen by trillions at the expense of everybody else.

“It’s a song about how easy it is to be placated by language and the way we talk about the issue – how many of us are actually able to physically imagine the immense difference between a million and a billion dollars, after all? When it’s all just words, money is all just zeros.”

“Greed” is one of the many songs set to appear on Plovers’ forthcoming debut album that were recorded in rural Victoria during a brief moment of respite from Melbourne’s lockdowns. Recording in a converted dairy, the tracks were recorded in a minimalist environment, yet resulted in something truly huge. Much like their previous work, “Greed” soon found itself becoming apparent as their initial sessions progressed, with its catchy, melodic nature standing in contrast to the frustration felt by the lyrics.

“The word ‘Greed’ and a bouncy riff jumped into my head without warning one day while walking home from work,” Chappell continues. “I demoed the song alongside some draft lyrics and showed it to the rest of the band, but it wasn’t until we went through a few versions of the chorus and worked up the courage to completely jettison an unnecessary bridge that the final song really locked into place.

“It’s a song that really encapsulates something that we love as a band, which is doing our best to write songs that are catchy and melodic, but built out of spiky, aggressive parts. The guitars are stupidly downtuned and it’s full of fuzzy bass and frantic drums and voice-breaking screams, but at it’s core it’s a pop song with hooks – or at least we think it is.”

Though its unclear when we’ll be hearing the rest of their new material, “Greed” will be officially released on February 16th, before Plovers give the track a live welcome by way of a headline show at The Last Chance Rock and Roll Bar in Melbourne on February 26th, with full details available below.

Plovers’ “Greed” is officially released on February 16th.

Plovers “Greed” Release Show

With The World at A Glance & Tumour

Saturday, February 26th
Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar, Melbourne, VIC
Tickets: Oztix