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Song You Need to Know: Plastic Face, ‘BACK2TOKYO’

The latest single from Sydney’s Plastic Face was inspired by the experience of “making the same mistakes over and over”.

Sydney’s Plastic Face have shared one of the most mesmerising pieces of Australian music this year, with their latest single “BACK2TOKYO” arriving just last week.

Following on from their 2020 singles “2HEADEDHORSE” and “HiiViSiON“, “BACK2TOKYO” is a slick piece of atmospheric electronica from the group, which comprises Pete Stals and Will Coleman. Entirely self-written, produced, mixed by the group, the moody delivery, electronic instrumentation and smooth vocals help to provide another side to their sound.

Having first teased the track back in December, Plastic Face noted that “BACK2TOKYO” was built around the theme of returning to old habits instead of moving forward, in addition to the experience of being an inner critic before you’re able to get yourself back onto the path to ecstasy.

“Our second single ‘BACK2TOKYO’, like all of our tracks, is 100% totally open to the listener’s interpretation,” explains Stals. “For us, this song was inspired by making the same mistakes over and over.

“We’ve used Tokyo as a metaphorical state of mind in which is can be interpreted as going back to old relationships you know are toxic, putting up with some horrendous job, or trying to manage addictions.”

In addition to the track’s official release last week, Plastic Face also shared an official video clip to the song, which recruits the directorial, writing, and production skills of Sean Clancy Donovan to depict Stals and Coleman alongside Esther Marcel Angel in a brooding visual accompaniment to the track.

Having described themselves as “telepathic DMT elves with a penchant for world domination through the medium of pop music, existing in this current reality as human beings”, Plastic Face have already proven their worth as one of the most enigmatic and exciting groups on the Australian music scene, and tracks such as “BACK2TOKYO” show avid listeners that there is still plenty of mesmerising creativity still to come from the duo.

Plastic Face’s “BACK2TOKYO” is out now.