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Song You Need to Know: PLANET, ‘Resign’

Emerging from lockdown with a new single and a signing to Dew Process, “Resign” is a taste of good things to come for PLANET.


Following a rather disappointing year spent on hold, Sydney’s PLANET have emerged from lockdown, armed with anthemic new single, “Resign”.

Having last released new music back in June of 2020 by way of their exceptional Maybe Someday EP, it’s fair to say that 2020 didn’t quite feature all the hallmarks of what PLANET and its respective members would call a good year. However, with time on their hands, the group spent their time doing what most artists would do, and have emerged from some brief time away armed with new music.

Written & recorded entirely in lockdown, new single “Resign” sees the group working with Grammy Award winning producer Adrian Bushby (Muse, New Order, Foo Fighters, et al.), and longtime collaborator Lachlan Mitchell to craft a shimmering piece of alt-pop perfection, with luscious instrumentation and soaring vocals making the track seem custom-made for singalongs in a much-missed live environment.

“‘Resign’ is a pop summer anthem with the instrumentation hitting you straight in the face,” explains singer Matty Took. “Lyrically it’s about not being enough in someone’s eyes, and it affects you to the point of collapse but trying to break past it to make it work.”

“It’s the first track we’ve released that was written completely in lockdown,” adds guitarist Tom Peppitt. “I had the chorus laying in the vault and sent it back and forth with Matty, fleshing it out and finishing it off. It was an obvious first single choice for us, doesn’t stray too far from our sound and is super upbeat and catchy.”

In addition to releasing their new single just today, PLANET have complemented this news by announcing their signing to Dew Process, with the group explaining that it’s “great to have a solid backing now with a strong team” after so many years spent as an independent act.

“We’re thrilled to be working with PLANET, such a dynamic and exciting young band,” echoed Dew Process A&R head Johnny Mullen. “We’ve always admired their sense of melody and song craft and it’s an honour to have them join the Dew Process roster.

“Seriously can’t wait for people to hear that they’ve been working on over the last year and ‘Resign’ is a great first taste.”

While it remains to see when we’ll be receiving further new music from PLANET, “Resign” is a solid indicator of the many good things to come from the acclaimed outfit.

PLANET’s “Resign” is officially out today via Dew Process.