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Song You Need to Know: Placement, ‘Lost Sun’

The newest signees to Endless Recordings, Adelaide’s Placement have cemented their place as purveyors of inimitable post-punk and noise.


Having first made an impact on the local scene in January of 2021 with the release of their single “Harder”, Adelaide outfit Placement have proven their commitment to delivering immersive post-punk compositions with the release of their latest single, “Lost Sun”.

The newest signees to Endless Recordings, Placement are the product of numerous creatives, coming together on Kaurna Land to pool their experiences spent playing in previous well-known projects. The result is a self-described “post-punk/noise collective” which pays homage to classic acts such as Sonic Youth, while looking ahead to create something wholly fresh and unique.

Similarly reminiscent of the aesthetic of Adelaide’s own Greasy Pop Records, Placement offer a sound that harnesses the isolation of their hometown, and pairs it with a need to carve their own musical niche that is impossible to ignore. No more is this felt than on their newest single, “Lost Sun”, which officially arrives tomorrow.

Explosive and unpredictable, “Lost Sun” evokes the almost visceral feeling of laying in the hot South Australian sun, waiting for something to happen, only to be met with a frenetic adventure that envelopes you, leaving you unable to remember the lethargic haze that once overtook you.

“I heard the guitar riff that underpins the song and it instantly made me think of warm hypnotic Australian summer days,” explains vocalist and guitarist Malia Wearn. “I spent many days in my childhood lying on the grass in our backyard lulled by the warmth. I wanted the lyrics to tie into the memory of hot summer days, the haze, the lethargy, the pleasure of your body being fully warmed and getting too hot for a brief moment.

“The words came out all at once, written in my current Aussie backyard, the first time I put my headphones on to listen to the song after Alex had played it for me on guitar.

“I wanted the words to invoke the haze and the heat and the lethargy,” Wearn adds. “The way temperature and scents can draw you back through time and connect you with submerged memories.”

Paired with a video created by Endless’ artistic director, Mclean Stephenson, “Lost Sun” is a perfect stepping stone, and logical point of evolution for Placement, who are not only on the cusp of breaking into the wider music scene, but gearing up to release their debut EP in the coming months.

Placement’s “Lost Sun” is officially released on August 4th via Endless Recordings.