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Song You Need to Know: outfit, ‘sunny’

Their debut single, outfit come with high praise behind them already, with Tim Tan boasting over 200 million streams for his songwriting work in the world of K-pop.

Image of outfit

Ciara Isabel Muscat*

Melbourne indie trio outfit have unveiled one of the most infectiously-upbeat songs of the year, sharing their blissful debut “sunny” ahead of its official release on Thursday.

If you’re not yet quite across outfit just yet, you can definitely be forgiven, with the trio only making their first musical appearance earlier this year with the track “fridge magnet”, of which a demo was uploaded to their triple j Unearthed profile.

Already sounding far more accomplished than most nascent groups, their talent is of no surprise given their collective history. Having first met in Perth, the members of the band have worked together in various projects for some time now, with Tim Tan known for his work as a songwriter for acclaimed Aussie artists such as Jaguar Jonze and Enschway.

However, his reach and talent is globally recognised too, with credits in the world of K-pop thanks to his work with names such as aespa & ENHYPEN. Given that his catalogue boats over 200 million streams, three million physical sales, and four number one Japanese albums, it’s no surprise that outfit make their proper debut with one of the catchiest songs of the year.

Featuring smooth, uplifting instrumentation and gorgeously slick, soulful vocals, Tim explains that the original seed for the track was sewn as he had troubles falling asleep. Capturing the unpredictable nature of current times, “sunny” exists for those moments in-between: trying to fall asleep yet still searching for that reason to wake up each day.

“The concept surrounded the sentiment of ‘I woke up, but in a way I guess I could have kept sleeping‘, describing the cyclical nature of day to day life at the time,” Tim explains. “We were in between houses, work in the music industry took a dive due to the pandemic and really we just needed a light at the end of the tunnel to move closer to.

“From there the song grew into a full concept dealing with issues around mental health and finding comfort in what and who you have around you to collectively move towards the sunnier, sunnier, sunnier place.”

With “sunny” officially released on Thursday, it’s clear that outfit are already on track to be one name you need to watch within the Aussie music scene.

outfit’s “sunny” is officially released on Thursday, October 14th.