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Song You Need to Know: Nox Holloway, ‘Montana’

The latest taste of the mysterious duo’s debut EP, “Montana” is a truly mesmerising marriage of indie-pop instrumentation and electronic beats.

Evan Kaufmann*

According to their Spotify bio, Nox Holloway are “an Alt/Pop duo formed by two college friends in their senior year”, but to listen to them, you’d think you’re listening to some sort of veteran musical collective with decades of experience within the scene. If anything, that just shows how impressive the likes of the duo’s new single, “Montana”, truly is.

Described as a “mysterious” two-piece, Nox Holloway have only been on the scene a comparatively short time, with a discography of four singles to their name, and a steadily-growing amount of press following their every move.

Now, as they get release their debut EP, the pair have unveiled their latest single, with the stunning “Montana” arriving today.

A mesmerising marriage of indie-pop instrumentation and electronic beats, “Montana” feels like the sort of escapist anthem that we all needed in high school, yet features a delicate sadness throughout it all; almost as if this escape is doomed from the start, but is all you could hope for.

“It’s an inner monologue in the form of a song, in which our narrator debates taking the safe route in life or chasing dreams that feel big, scary, and maybe just out of reach,” the group explain in a statement. Accompanied by music that’s constantly moving, amplifying the high stakes of this decision.

“The use of vocal distortion reflects those feelings you have when you think too hard about who you are and lose sight of who you want to be. It’s a mindmeld — just like growing up so often is.”

With passionate vocals that cascade amongst a pristine EDM backing, “Montana” is the latest taste of Nox Holloway’s new seven-track debut EP, If Only The World Didn’t Spin So Much, which arrives today.

Recording remotely in their bedrooms across locations such as Clemson University in South Carolina, London during a study abroad semester, and Nashville, the EP is a pairing of the duo’s exceptional respective musical histories. While one half of the group is a multi-instrumentalist producer, the other is a songwriter, lyricist, and vocalist with a knack for writing stunning, cutting songs.

“Our debut EP has a lot of different sounds and feels,” explain Nox Holloway. “All with the goal to start bringing everyone into our world and show who Nox Holloway is. We’re so excited to share it with you.”

Nox Holloway’s “Montana”, and debut EP If Only The World Didn’t Spin So Much are both out today.