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Song You Need to Know: Nicholas Hamilton, ‘In Line’

Australian-born, LA-based actor and musician Nicholas Hamilton has unveiled his latest and greatest single, with “In Line” inspired by his move to the US.

Image of Nicholas Hamilton

Travis Walters*

Ahead of its official release on Friday, Australian-born, LA-based actor and musician Nicholas Hamilton has shared his bright new single “In Line”, an upbeat anthem about coming of age.

Arriving just weeks before his 21st birthday, “In Line” is the third single released by Hamilton this year, following on from the likes of “noRoom” and “Different Year”. Outside of his musical ventures, Hamilton is likely best known for his acting credits, having moved from his home in Byron Bay to Los Angeles to enter the world of film. Since then, he’s starred in a number of critically-acclaimed films, including Captain Fantastic, The Dark Tower, and both It and its Chapter Two sequel.

Now, “In Line” arrives as one of Hamilton’s most ambitious and intoxicating efforts to date, serving as an exuberant piece of modern pop delivered with a classical, retro twist. Produced by Arthur Pingrey (Sia, Karen O), the track has been in the works for a few years now, with its expressive and emotive nature inspired subject matter close to Hamilton’s heart.

“I wrote this song just after I moved to the US,” he recalled. “It’s all too fitting, as the song is about how I felt before and after getting on that plane to come over to the States and start my independent, adult life.

“I was battling my own headstrong decisions about making that leap and leaving my family, friends and childhood behind. The whole track is me singing to my brain, which was something I didn’t lean into until later on in the writing process.”

An eclectic composition that showcases his numerous influences, Hamilton also explains that his musical style is heavily informed by his taste, with many classic names finding his way into his mind as a youngster.

“I listen to a ton of chill pop, similar to what I write,” he adds. “People like Quinn XCII, Jordan Mackampa, Ruel… but I grew up listening to Mum and Dad’s musical tastes.

“I remember driving with my Dad to football practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays and listening to the Eagles and Cat Stevens, or driving up the coast to my extended family with my Mum and listening to Kenny Rogers and Charley Pride.”

With “In Line” set to arrive on April 23rd, there’s no official word yet as to whether it’s another taste of a forthcoming body of work from the Aussie-born artist, or if it will live as a standalone single. Regardless, it appears at a fitting time for Hamilton, who just recently returned home to Australia.

“I haven’t been home since Covid, so I’m very excited to be back,” he explains. “The idea of releasing a song that I wrote about moving from Australia to the US, as I’m returning to Oz, is an opportunity I’d be silly to pass up. It just feels right, it makes me comfy.”

Nicholas Hamilton’s “In Line” is officially released on Friday, April 23rd.